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Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park is a regional park in King County, Washington, near the towns of Bellevue and Issaquah.

9 days ago

11/29/2016 (Tuesday) - After one week, I returned to this trail with Wai for a longer and more complex track to test my knees, which feel OK. The trails on Cougar Mountain seem to be in better conditions than before, especially the Red Town Trail, which has a new layer of gravels. It is a rare sunny afternoon with mild temperature. Viewpoint Trail, which is a bit dangerous, has better traction after rains, and not muddy at all.

Nice easy walk, pretty waterfall

16 days ago

11/22/2016 (Tuesday) -- Exactly 3 months after my knee injury, I took this well-maintained short and gentle slope to test my ability, and found I could barely walk up and down with the creaky knees with the help of hiking poles. This trail remained dry in spite of the wet season, just being covered with dried and rotten leaves. It is not yet available on AllTrails, so I add it as a new trail for later use.

since it is now fall season there are a lot of leaves on the ground which will cover up the surprise roots of the trees that pop out and trip you! So other than that it was a lot of greenery and the view was okay...nothing to thrive on....decent workout nonetheless.

2 months ago

A nice, super easy and casual walk in the woods.

Easy. Nice lookout in the middle of the loop.

Easy hike to help train for more difficult hikes. This is a good place to train a dog as well.

3 months ago

Confusing, so many trail markers. Really need to follow the gps at the forks. Loop was steep going down and coming up. Good hike. About six miles. No views just lush forest. Old man trail, Whittaker, shy bear, and gombu then back.

Quiet, peaceful and gentle walk through ferns and massive trees. Worth it b/c we only saw 10 people for a two hour amble on a Sunday. Couple little hills but nothing too challenging. Fair amount of loose gravel and little bridges.

It was Real great ! It wasnt so bad at all. Great features and trails and everything.

4 months ago

8/6/22016 (Saturday) -- We moved up to De Leo Wall from Newcastle Highlights rather than Red Town TH, then moved counter-clockwise to the east, took Indian broadway, then Marshall's Hill as a loop. This is a cool cloudy morning with temperature at around 57F. The trail is very dry, so is the terrain as a whole in this season.