I have been to this trail10+ times, and I really like it. I always change up the route so I don't get bored. There are a few uphill areas that are a good workout.

My only complaint is that I've encountered a few sketchy people in the area hanging out on the trail. One time a younger homeless man started screaming at me. Luckily my husband was with me, but the man was scary enough that several walkers got involved in the dispute. Since then, I'm nervous going back. Otherwise a great trail.

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The beach, especially, is lovely, and watching the train snake its way along the shore conjures a sense of adventure. Trails can be pretty steep.

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11 months ago

This is a great little park that is only 2 bus rides away from me. There is a lot to do for such a small area - there are different trails, a wetland area, a picnic area, a water treatment building, and a beach that is accessible via parking lot. The beach is a hidden gem in Seattle, it is small but beautiful, especially on a sunny day. The trail I took was very easy and pretty short.

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1 year ago

Nice little spot to go for a walk during the week! We enjoyed setting up on a picnic table and having a few drinks for my friends birthday

2 years ago

Considering this park is in the city, it is unusually wonderful for a Puget Sound waterfront location. I also agree that, considering its location, it's really not that crowded.

With a big windstorm on Saturday, and looking for a spot for a quick walk, we decided to try Carkeek Park. We actually had a lot of sun, moderate traffic on the trails, and an excellent time.

From the parking at the east end of the Lower Meadow, we to the Hillside Trail, cut across to the Lower Ridge Trail, and took the South Bluff trail down to the mouth of Piper's Creek where we were treated to salmon coming into the creek. We dawdled a bit, trying to catch a photo of the effort over the first "ladder", but moved on up the creek. Took the Brick Road Trail to the Hillside Trail and back to parking. A quick and easy 1.5 mile jaunt. Nothing special, but nice since we thought the storm was going to wipe out our weekend.

There are other options, on both sides of NW Carkeek Park Road, and the inbound salmon run promises entertainment.

Neighborhood park with a nice network of trails. The trails are rarely crowded even on the weekend. Salmon are reliable in the fall.