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trail running
13 days ago

14 days ago

This was a super nice trail, I did go in the winter to hike but still beautiful! At the end there is this really cold wet and damp thick forest area. Absolutely quiet and erie.

1 month ago

Nice paved trail. You have to cross over a bridge over the road, lots of traffic noise for pretty much the whole trail. Overall I would say it's a good trail for baby strollers and things like that. A good trail for a little after work exercise.

2 months ago

3 months ago

beautiful and quiet in October. not too many people to populate the trail. careful of aggressive bikers though, got ran over for having my headphones in while walking.

trail is super lumpy. Lots of boulders under some dust. hard on the feet and ankles but still a decent trail. slight elevation gain but nothing a healthy person couldn't handle. expect more motorized traffic than actual foot traffic.

there isn't much sign for trail and we got lost.

on Mima Falls Trail

4 months ago

The trail is well maintained and fairly easy. The only annoyance was all the horse poop on the trail but it wasn't anything major. Dogs on leash are allowed which is nice, took an overweight three year old golden lab and he did great. This is a hike I would bring my somewhat older parents on.

Way too much house poop! Not clearly marked as where to go to see the falls. It is a nice hike though if you're on a time schedule.