Belfair State Park is a 65-acre, year-round camping park on 3,720 feet of saltwater shoreline at the southern end of Hood Canal in western Washington. It is noted for its saltwater tide flats, wetlands with wind-blown beach grasses and pleasant areas for beach walking and saltwater swimming.

I'm not use to this cold, but the hike was beautiful!

Beautiful trail

Fun kid friendly hike.

This trail was not a good walking trail. It looked like it was mostly used for ORVs. My son and I drove up here and decided not to walk. It was pretty rural and trails were run down wth tracks and bumps from ORVs. I didn't feel comfortable walking alone with my son because it was so far out.

great for birders or anyone looking for a walk flat delta tidal lands is informative and very well maintained kid friendly

Nice casual trail with some great spots for watching wildlife.

Nice set of trails with varied scenery. the marshlands are a beautiful ecosystem, and the longest of the trails tours through a now-completed Wetlands restoration project. Some paths are a little narrow for passing bit it's not a big issue. There is a simple restroom on the longest trail.

This trail is lovely for a walk partially in the woods, and mostly in the wetlands with views of the Hood Canal and of course the wetlands. One thing about this trail that I was not impressed with is the poor condition that it was in. This trail is supposed to be a walking trail, but with little maintenance, a lot of growth is overcoming the trail, leaving little access for daily walkers. For the most part this trail I would say should be recommended for people who want to find a daily walking trail.

Enjoyed an AM walk as it provided a clearer visual and hearing experience, however be very careful with the wet boardwalk, it can be very slippery.

great for familys...fairly long distances but thats about it. all flat trails. great nature walk when looking for an easy day

Good easy trail. not much of a fan of the wet lands but were lots of birds. It is a very busy trail. It does have wheelchair access. Would recommend checking it out if you like the wetlands and/or if you want a good walk through nature

I walk the Theler Wetlands Trail several times a year and nearly always meet several parents with preschool children on the trail. It is definitely a child friendly trail.

Great trail to get into the physical outdoors. Great for kids too.

I was on a couple of the trails about a year ago & the scenery, the birds & the trails are a unique & wonderful experience! You will meet all kinds of other people but for the most part, it's peaceful & a relaxing walk & easy with ADA accessible.