Battle Ground Lake State Park is a camping park with 280 acres of beautiful, forested land in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The lake itself is of volcanic origin and is considered to be a smaller version of Crater Lake in Oregon.

Love BG Lake, two different trails around the lake. Beautiful!!

Busy in the summer, noise from a lot if folks on the beach. Picked up a lot of trash on the way.

Decent area. Couple of nice views. crowded by people using the lake to swim so parking can be tuff in summer Doubles as equestrian trails in some areas so steep hills are ate up and watch out for horse excrement. Don't swim in the lake, just my personal opinion.

6 months ago

pretty good trail. summer gets nuts though!

Close to home. Main trail around lake is ok. Trails are going all over and not really any marking. Spring can be very muddy. So wear shoes u intend to be muddy. They have hire trails, bike trails, camp sites.

Beautiful scenery!!

Nice quick hike. Family and dog friendly. Campers, fishers, horse trails.

This is not 7 miles even if you go all the at around the outside loop it's only roughly 3.7. The small loop around the lake is 1.2 miles. Unfortunately the horses go on all the trails even the ones marked no horses so the trails are covered in waste and the spots that would be wet due to weather are a muddy mess from the horses walking. If your looking for a quick walk of about a mile with young kids then go the trail by the lake as it's clean and well maintained. If your looking for a longer hike go somewhere else.

This is the perfect place to go with kids or for an afternoon walk. If you want something less crowded, you are going to have to go out farther- You can't expect to drive 3 minutes out of Battle Ground and be in a secluded area!
Cute lake for paddling around, nice trails for short day hikes or for running.

Way too pricey for a crappy campsite. Showers are cold, host is non informative about camp location which is a quarter mile hike up a steep hill. Good for kids but leave grandma home. None of the sites are level and the slant is pretty extreme. People have sex in the bathrooms at night and the bathrooms a re filthy. Its 12-40.00 to camp plus 10.00 per vehicle to park over night. Water is OK but watch out for the fish hooks two of my kids stepped on. They lock the gate at 10pm and let you back out at 6:30. Again no info on this when you pay. No info on the use of their wheel barrels to load stuff up the hill either. Too expensive and the staff does nothing about complaints. Lots of barking dogs and horses. Con sessions are marked up 100%. Cabins are 85.00 with tax. Its a pretty lake but will never camp Here again

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2 years ago