Great easy hike with a nice length, though the trail forks can be confusing if it's your first time. Many different types of trees and plants are labeled and there's a nice view across the marsh. Went in late December with my friend, not too many people. Just don't be there too late, the gates close by themselves at 5pm

3 months ago

Amazing for wildlife! No dogs allowed.

this was a great hike

4 months ago

My last review didn't save my stars.

4 months ago

Had fun, kids loved it. Someone must of left a rock treasure hunt, the kids found about 4 painted rocks. All of them were painted and hidden under leaves.

Lots of fun! Super easy. Kids loved it too.

4 months ago

We loved the herons and osprey. If you have binoculars and a telephoto lens, bring them.

The blackberries were yummy. The cedar plank long house was amazing. I wish it had been open to go inside. The Garry oaks were very mature and just lovely. But we also saw Doug Fir and many other species. Sandhill Cranes. Duck Potato in the pond. Animal tracks in the mud. Great for small children and all ages.

This is a fantastic trail, and an even better place to go birding. So many different habitats crammed in such a small place. I will definitely return.

Easy trail suitable for families with small children. We saw plenty of wildlife, including a family of muskrats. Bring a camera or binoculars.

Easy trails, very pretty, a lot of variety in the scenery.

nature trips
8 months ago

very easy trail. perfect for a quite get away.

Nice, easy trail. Didn't see many birds this time, but we will be back.

Went there January 17th this would be my eighth time so many great pictures you can drive around it in 20 minutes it always takes us 3 to 4 hours Picture of the day a swan snatching up a frog that was too large for it to swallow

This is a great drive through refuge. I had the have been there many times. Each time I have been able to photograph something new.

I gave 2 stars to Ridgefield because you are not allowed to get out of the car during fall. We did anyway to take some pictures and got yelled at and told to go back to the vehicle. I still had a good time but how am I supposed to see wildlife from the vehicle?

Went to High School in Ridgefield and spent a lot of time in the Wildlife Refuge. Lots of birding opportunities.

3 years ago

Says accessible year round but the hiking portion is only accessible may through September there a drive tour which is quite nice rest of time I gave four star cause it was a nice drive but have to weight tell summer for walking