It was a great walk. And the kids loved it ❤great views and food trucks everywhere close to White House and Lincoln memorial

Mixture of when I was a kid and when I was at my job's headquarters close to the Washington Monument.

Fall and winter, once the tourists are gone, the mall is a great place for dog walking.

great walk to look at all the monuments of DC!

4 months ago

Love this trail from Potomac yard to Buzz cafe in Alexandria. Can't get a better Saturday morning!

4 months ago

Great way to see everything. If you love history and our country, these places are a must see!

Got to do it

6 months ago

great being able to see everything in DC

It was great to be in Washington DC, and to see all the monuments. Even got in some birding while we were walking.

This trail is beautiful. But if your riding your bike you HAVE TO GO EARLY. or else its to many people on it.

crowded but memorable

This is an excellent walking tour path to take to see all the great monuments of DC, as well as the beautiful scenery around the Tidal Basin! It was safe and clean the entire path. We visited DC for a long weekend trip Sat-Mon. I would recommend visiting the museums on Saturday and the monuments on Sunday since they are generally open longer hours or don't require special entry like the museums do.

Great way to see the monuments and museums around the National Mall.

road biking
1 year ago

Rode the trail, but started from home in Hyattsville, MD through DC and on the way to Jones Point Park. Nice trail, but can become very crowded, as others have stated.

road biking
1 year ago

Biked this - fairly level, a few dips and rises here and there, but nothing horribly challenging. Just crowded as all get-out, especially as the weekend morning passed about 9 am-- and just got worse from there...So I would say go on a weekday or early morning, or just deal with the crowds.
Lots of water available at either end and in the middle at one of the rest stops.