A big part of this trail is under construction/reclamation as of Sept 3. Once you cross Reservoir Rd and head toward the Potomac, it has a poorly marked detour to 44th street. It effectively ends so don't be surprised when your planned outing gets cut short. No details provided when this will be back to normal.

A bit industrial for a trail - you're walking along/on a large cement pipe a lot of the way. Still, very well shaded and a nice easy way into the trees in the city.

Hiked this last week. Very nice canopy of hardwoods kept late August temperatures down along the entire pathway. Saw a few deer, including a doe and fawn.
Connect from C&O via lit underpass under canal and Canal Road.
Saw a few people on the section nearest C&O canal, but very few on the upper portions. Very secluded and natural setting for an urban hike! A few street crossings, but fairly easy to pick up the path on the other side. At the upper end, go1 block east, then 3 blocks north on Wisconsin Ave to get to Tenleytown/AU metro (entrances from both sides of Wisconsin.)

Also connects to Battery-Kemble Park via the Wesley Heights Trail (signed); and there's an trail/onroad connection to Melvin C. Hazen trail as well (not signed).

4 years ago

Cool trail in the city. Very easy. Connects from the canal area to Tenleytown. You can choose to go out and back for a total of 6 miles or catch the Metro in Tenleytown for 3.

Trail is pretty flat. Because of its ease there are many dog walkers, runners and families.