Amazing view.

a couple of friends and I did an over nighter on tibbets knob at the end of October. such a great, beautiful hike.

3 months ago

This trail definitely lived up to its rating of "difficult" but is a great hike. The views from the top are exactly what you would expect from the valley. Glad I brought my stick. There's a nice spot at the top for camping for those who are inclined to backpacking.

We went counter clockwise and think that is the best way to go. It leaves the better parts of the trail at the beginning and end. Overall a nice trail with some good views.

Saw quite a bit of vehicle traffic up along the ridgeline while we were making camp and falling asleep. Not quite what we had expected due to that. The trails were in good condition and there were quite a few campsites.

This trail was amazing. The best we've been to yet. We didn't do the entire loop, but we did the 4 ish mile trail up to the view point and back which was incredible. It was a beautiful day outside but windy when we got to the top. I would love to come back again next summer when we can camp in one of the sites near the top. It was well worth the trip from NJ to spend the weekend visiting here.

Did the 4.2 mile out and back to Big Schloss. Trail was is good shape and the weather was great--though a bit hot. My 5year old completed the hike without complaint and carrying a light pack. Don't think I would try a hike harder than this one with him for now. The views are quite nice as is the hike along the ridge top.

Beautiful views. Was fine for our family from 9-49

We did the 4.4 mile hike which was great, began with a great uphill section as well as 1 more uphill section right before the peak. Midway point has some rocks that offered some great views. Peak was wonderful and very worth it. Would like to do it again, very few hikers on the trail as well.

Loved this hike. Excellent payoff at the top, and a beautiful hike along the ridge on the way there. Also a few nice "caves" and other spots of interest along the way. The ridge contained a nice mix of highland grasses and wildflowers and offered several close range sightings of large birds of prey. Carrying two kids (ages 4 and 1) much of the way certainly made the hike a strenuous one. It was well worth it, but bringing the kiddos up this trail will definitely add some time to your trip. We saw a few small groups along the way, but this trail was really pretty sparsely populated while we were there... we had the summit all to ourselves when we arrived and spent 45 minutes having lunch without a single passerby. Definitely recommend.

6 months ago

It was a good hike- we had to cut it short as the thunder that had been threatening all afternoon let loose as soon as we got to the top. It started off with a steep incline but levels out at the top.

Great views. Friendly people.

very nice climb... my glutes are feeling it