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Blackrock is one of my favorites and it never gets old, no matter how many times you go! It's easy enough for all levels and it's a great hike any time of the year!

Get there early if you like the trail less populated.

We started at Hawksbill parking and went down first -step but do able if you have no extra weight or lower leg issues and have the correct shoes and perhaps walking sticks for making your decent flow better . We crossed the river several times then climbing back up to hawksbill . The up was easy if your used to climbing without stopping.We did over 8 miles in about 4 hours plus a little change.

Did this in 2014 and loved it. You are not supposed to feed the deer, but they will come up to you within 6 or 8 feet begging. Somebody must be feeding them. Don't do it because human food is very unhealthy for them. For us too but I won't go there.

I have done the loop and the shorter two trails many time over the years. Met a lot of animals from chip-monks to deer and one large bear.

27 days ago

Great hiking experience for kids. Short trail to fantastic rock scrambling and fantastic views. My 5 year old explored for two hours and wanted to stay longer. 3 year old had a blast too, but had to be watched closely as there are some spots where little ones can get into trouble. Overall highly recommend and we will definitely return!

Short and easy hike to a spectacular rock summit with an amazing view. The trailhead is at MP 84.8 on the Skyline Drive. The nearest restroom is at the Dundo Picnic Grounds, MP 83.7. Blue blazes mark the trail. We were warned that rattlesnakes occasionally sun themselves on the rocks at the summit. We didn't see any snakes, but we did encounter a black bear who was using the trail.

Don't bring amateur hiking partners to this trail ever. You will end up doing short waiting points every ten feet.

This is a great spot. Short hike up to the rocks, and then just a great view of the surrounding area from atop the rocks.

1 month ago

First off this trail is actually 9.8 miles. Whomever added this must not have recorded the whole loop. That said, it is a great day hike. We started off counter clockwise to Calvary Rock. The almost 60-foot scramble to the top is well worth the 360 degree views, then on to Chimney Rock and the downhill trek to a small waterfall and a swimming hole. The water was a tad bit cold .. but nice to soak the feet in for a few minutes. If you are brave, as my companion was, you can even take a plunge into the waters (I have video - it's hilarious - LOL!) The climb back up is definitely challenging. Definitely recommend!

Small trail, 2.1 miles. Great for new hikers, kids and pets. 2 small lakes, trails are well marked but have lots of crossroads, could easily lose your way if your not following the map on the app.

Lots of squirrels and small animals, small amount of human foot traffic on trail in October. No fee to get into the park this late in the season but there was a station that looked like they charge during the summer.

Beautiful hike! Challenging at times, but not too difficult. Great for families and children.

Completed this in the rain and would strongly recommend not doing so- this would be a lovely trail to hike when it's dry and the leaves are changing

2 months ago

start from the bottom and it's an easy hike for all ages

One of my favorites. A moderate hike with swimming holes and natural rock water slides to keep you cool on hot days. My dog loved the water pit stops along the way. We were lucky to see a mother bear and cubs pass the trail in front of us. Trail was decently crowded but only near the water. Makes me think some people hike in just for the swim then back down, rather than completing the full loop. Highly recommend the loop! Beautiful vegetation and some pretty views. Not the best views on Shenandoah, but worthwhile.

Great workout with pretty views and difficult terrain. Make sure to watch out for bears, I saw two during my hike today. Great trail for letting your dog off leash!