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Very easy going trail, very fun for my kids to play around on the rocks. We look forward to taking others here soon.

Arrive early. I parked at 8am in the White Oak lot and by 8:30am, 15-20 cars parked. When I finished the hike at 1pm the place was packed.

I did the Cedar Run to Hawksbill Peak to the horse trail down to White Oak Canyon. I thought White Oak was much more scenic, but a lot busier. A lot of peole were hanging out along the banks of the waterfalls and there were several people fishing.

The trails are steep in spots, with lots of rocks, but I saw kids all along the trail.

7 days ago

Good hike. We only went to the lower falls and back which was right around 3 miles total. With a lunch break at the falls it took about 2 hours. Rocky paths, but easily passable. The parking situation is terrible. Very limited spaces and hard to maneuver with a lot of cars there. Plan to show up early for parking or you can pay $10 to a couple local residents that allow you to park in their yards (bring cash for that). All in all, entertaining with great views of the falls. Good for families and dogs.

Definitely a challenging one! But My mom (56yo) and I were able to complete it in 5 hours (with a 30 min lunch break). We went up Cedar Run Trail and down White Oak Canyon. Hiking shoes are a must, very rocky, very steep at times.

Did this loop trail for the first time in February in 40+ temperatures. Went up the white oak canyon and down the Cedar Run Trail. Portions of the Cedar Run Trail, near the falls, was wet and muddy and could be slippery. Watch you steps, in particular if you choose to come down this way. Still enjoyed the hike very much. It took us 4.5 hrs to complete this 7.5 mile loop.

Pretty difficult but beautiful!! We took a left from the white oak parking lot. Was expecting to reach a peak, above the mountain scenery at the end but it just led to skyline drive. The way up to it, however, was incredible. Refreshing water fall sounds. Expect to cross a couple of falls through stones in between. Also, expect to get your feet/shoes wet during this. It's easier and probably a bit safer than avoiding getting wet all together--cause it'll be tough and you don't know how slippery the rocks may get. Came out for a hike with my pup during mid 40 degree weather with the sun out. I got pretty warm throughout most of it. Enjoy!! Beautiful and I've been telling others about this place!

We did this trail on end of January, 2017. We started from White oak trail to Cedar run trail. It is more then 7.3 mile loop. Trail has lots of rocks so good hiking shoes is very much helpful. For many miles we hiked along the water which makes this trail very beautiful. You will enjoy many waterfalls along the trail as well. I would love to do this trail again.

1 month ago

Another way to go is to stop at the Blackrock Gap parking lot and follow the AT up, makes for a little longer hike and you pass the Blackrock Shelter which is interesting to visit, Dad was hut-keeper there in the 90's