on Walnut Creek Park

3 months ago

The red trail is a good challenging trail with many hills.

I hiked a complete loop included the Round Top and the trails on the far side of the floating bridge on this Ragged Mountain Nature Area. The trails on the far side are not yet complete so they are rough and some are non existing, but I was able to hike and completed the loop in three and a half hour for a total distance of 7.3 miles and elevation of 1099 ft. I felt good after I complete the loop but it was quite challenging.

Have not hiked it. Posting because this is an inaccurate description. TRAIL IS NOT DOG FRIENDLY ACCORDING TO CITY WEBSITE.

A nice trail, although incomplete. If you take the shorter route along the south of the lake, you can get to a spit that has some nice rocks for bouldering. This trail is challenging, and it may become one of my favorites once the loop is complete!

The loop for this trail is not quite complete and some of the trails are not sufficiently marked. However, this is a nice hiking trail with lovely scenery and good elevation changes. Round Top trail is 919 feet and puts the heart to good use. We hiked in February and there were very few others on the trail so it was very quiet. We loved the wood carving totems that we came across as you get further into the hike. Fun.

incomplete trail loop, currently 'out and back' but it does connect with the boar head trail. Fall leaves over rocks in trail are a hazard for trail running

A nice hike, not too crowded and not too difficult. Really pleasant in light rain if you dress appropriately for the weather.

1 year ago

I love hiking and biking this trail.

Easy walk, great for kids. The park is on Old Lynchburg Rd south of intersection with Red Hill Rd, not where the marker shows it to be.

The trail system is still closed due to a huge rebuilding of the reservoir. Looks like a beautiful area once the construction is done. 3 stars due to being closed for now.

2 years ago

Walnut creek park is wonderful for flatwater kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and disc golf. I would rate it 4 stars, but this marker is located nowhere near the park. The actual park is located about 15 miles south of this marker.

I just tried to hike this trail, and it turns out its closed for the next year at least due to construction. Zero stars for a trail that you can't hike...

4 years ago

Lots of wooded trails. They have maps of the trails there. Once we hot the woods we never saw another person. A couple of old home sites along the trails. Hills and rocks in many places. Beautiful lake!

on Walnut Creek Park

5 years ago

Nice trail for mountain bikes and hiking. Not a good trail for running

Great hike. I think the official length is 5.5 miles but I believe it has to be further. I like how close it is to town. It's so easy to do a 5+ mile hike since it's within city limits.

Terrible hike. Trail is not well marked after a few miles. Also it is not well maintained. There are a few mushy river crossings that had deteriorated significantly. I fell and hurt myself.