A nice quiet walk for a warm January day. Beaver is building a dam across the creek at the end of the trail. He came out to say hello while I sat and ate lunch.

For a longer out and back, park at the Turkey Run Education Center and combine the Mary Bird Branch Trail (0.5 mi one way) with this trail.

Not much a destination when the water is low and be careful for snakes! Overall decent hike

It was really good. I thought there would be more falls, but very beautiful. Changed my perspective on hiking in Virginia.

4 months ago

Quick and easy! Slight incline on the way back up from Quantico Creek but otherwise mostly wide and level.

on Chopawamsic Trail

8 months ago

Secluded trail with a nice two mile or so loop. Not overly difficult, but enjoyable. 8 Primitive camping sites to choose from for those wanting to spend the night. Each site offers something a little different in terms of views, size and distance off of main trail. If you're looking to get away and be in a secluded area, this is definitely a good spot. If you're looking to put in miles before camping, and be able to do more hiking, this may not be the spot for you. Overall, because of the seclusion and ability to do backcountry camping, I give this trail / site 4 stars.

Nice trail, wide most if the way then a bit more narrow going down to the falls. Nice place to skip rocks and look at stream life with little ones at the bottom. It is a bit steep going back so people were carrying their smaller more portly pups, but otherwise a decent trail for kids, adults and dogs. Nice views!

cross country skiing
1 year ago

When added with some of the other trails in Potomac National Forest, it makes for a good hike.

trail running
1 year ago

This guy is off the "beaten path" and secluded, but it provides a short well-balanced trail with a few small hills. Trail is still maintained, marked, and has some neat paths through the brush. There is a port-o-potty at the parking lot for you civilized folk. Also provides a cool view of the Breckenridge Reservoir were you could spend a day of fishing if you find a way down the ridge-line.

on Chopawamsic Trail

3 years ago

Quiet trail that feels secluded despite relative proximity to roads. Some road noise while camping at night from I-95 and Joplin Rd. Moderate grade changes over creek beds and Quantico ridge lines.

4 years ago

A short loop for me that connected the high meadow trail to the turkey run ridge trail. It can be started from the parking area near the Turkey Run Education Center