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Only 20 miles from downtown Richmond, the capital of Virginia, Pocahontas State Park has been one of the more popular parks in the state park system. Many various activities, including biking, hiking, picnicking, swimming, camping and family-friendly nature programs, await guests. Swift Creek Reservoir and Beaver Lake offer visitors a chance for excellent wildlife viewing and fishing.

2 months ago

Well-maintained and peaceful

This was my wife and I first trail we had ever walked and it started a new addiction!

5 months ago


Good Sunday afternoon trail.

Very enjoyable hike, saw a doe early in the hike and the scenery is nice. The trail is definitely designed for biking (hence it's name), as the trail is basically a dirt/fire road.

Because of high water on the foot bridge just below Beaver Lake dam, I had to make a detour onto Beaver Lake Trail. This made for a very nice hike as this trail is a more traditional hiking trail. In the future I may make this a permanent change.

Nice hike, not much traffic, great views of Swift Creek Lake. Trail marks are a little confusing at the beginning.

7 months ago

I really enjoyed the trail. I also took my little dog with me and he love it. The trail has a few docks where you can view the lake which is nice. The trail is well kept and clearly marked. During one part of the trail it crosses a sandy stream which my dog loved. He jumped in and cooled off. This trail is very dog friendly and I will be doing this one again!

8 months ago

I hiked this trail with a 25lb back pack on 3-18-16.It was 72 degrees outside and it took me 2:27 minutes.It was 5.48 miles,mostly dirt roads and woods,a few creeks and a small cemetery.I recommend this trail more for horse riding and mountain biking unless you just want to get a 5 plus mile hike in.

8 months ago

Not a bad hike for my "backyard". Nice scenery and relatively flat.

Downgraded to 3 stars for the ticks and chiggers. Every time I hike it, I'll pull a couple of ticks of my dog. Also don't venture off the trail too much because of the chiggers. I always wear long pants on this trail for that reason.

Still it's a good hike and worth the time.

9 months ago

Great trail for hiking! Mixture of slight uphill and downhill slopes. Creek running through trail in parts. Trail surface is dirt and small gravel mixture

I saw dark star orchestra here and they allowed the group to camp for two days. It was so much fun. I hope to do it again!

Hiked the Beaver Lake Trail today (a little under 3 miles) and it was a great little hike for my 7 month pregnant self. Not too many hills or strenuous stretches and a clearly marked loop from the Nature Center.

10 months ago

A beautiful woodland trail, but it was a workout.