The Siege of Petersburg: The Longest Military Event of the Civil War Nine and a half months, 70,000 casualties, the suffering of civilians, thousands of U. S. Colored Troops fighting for the freedom of their race, and the decline of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of No. Virginia all describe the Siege of Petersburg. It was here Gen. Ulysses S. Grant cut off all of Petersburg's supply lines ensuring the fall of Richmond on April 3, 1865. Six days later, Lee surrendered. Petersburg National Battlefield is open daily form 8:30am to dusk

Beautifully maintained wide trails. Friendly and helpful staff. Superb educational value. Very convenient for soldiers.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Pros: Great looking scenery, truly feel deep in the woods on this one. No noises from outside world. 95% of trail is pine needles for roadbed. I mountain biked the trail. This was a fun trail overall. Marked well.
Cons: I felt it was marked well, but very confusing. If I didnt have my map from alltrails I would have been lost for sure. Trail is supposed to be a bhike trail, however the section (2miles) from courthouse rd to Courthouse rd gets progressively worse to the point that it was not passable biking. I had to walk the bike from White Oak Rd to Courthouse Rd.

Very overgrown. The recent rain has made it pretty water slogged. The house is very spooky and unkempt. We didn't even stop there for the lunch we brought but opted to just go back to the car and eat. I hope it gets more maintenance. It's in a great spot.

trail running
9 months ago

Great clean trails, well marked. I suggest getting a trail map at the welcome center because of all of the intertwining trail segment names.

Nice trail. There are some self guided civil war history notes along the way. You will also see some trenches. Trail gets very wet and muddy during rainy periods and can be impassable. I suggest going when there hasn't been much rain. Parking is very limited also. Maybe two cars at a time but you shouldn't worry too much about it. It's a fairly new trail and it's not very known.

Nice long hike, trails are marked but if you don't have the map you may get turned around a bit by not knowing which trail to take back to your car. A lot of cool trees and rocks along the trails. Very quiet and shaded most the way. You can pick up a trail map at the visitor center.

on Five Forks Battlefield

1 year ago

Clean, quiet, well marked

The Petersburg Battlefield- Eastern Front is a nice easy drive with lots of opportunities to get out of the car and traverse the historical battlefields. Lots of areas to park and take in some of the provided historical markers and information, including the Battle of the Crater. Definitely more "user friendly" than the Western Front.

scenic driving
3 years ago

We drove the front roads of which there are about 25 miles.

From 1988 to 1991 I ran the trails of the park on a daily bases. At the time, I was assigned to the 85th Evacuation Hospital, and attached to Kenner Army Hospital. The park was just across a parking lot from Kenner and I would run every day after work. We soldiers had no idea we were trail runners at the time, it was just getting our miles in for the week. Since that time I have met many trail runners on trails in Georgia and Florida. I admire them for their skill. A great park for hiking and trail running. History is all around you.

mountain biking
3 years ago

This is our go to trail. Not sure too many people know of the 12 miles of mostly single track (some jeep type access roads) that run through the park. See runners and horse back riders, but seldom run across mountain bikers back in the woods. I would rate it easy to moderate, some steep climbs and good turns, not many roots.

I loved this trail. There were several paths that you could take. In some areas it was like taking a walk in the woods without a path. Some areas you went slightly uphill and down hill. I went early in the morning with my dog and he enjoyed the hike as well.

trail running
4 years ago

Great run including some steep hills. It offers a fantastic workout with a great background. I had to stop to check out the earthen structures used during the civil war, very cool .

4 years ago

I hike but my favorite thing to do is horse back riding. The trails are great here. I love the bridges and streams to cross. Only negative is the rocks. I know why the park does it, but its a little tuff on bare feet.

Petersburg is more of a driving tour than a hiking tour, but there are easy, scenic and educational walks at several points along the three auto tour routes. You can walk the roads - the Eastern Front route being only about four miles long (point-to-point), and the Western Front route being about 16 miles (point-to-point). Personally, I find the Eastern Front tour and walks to be more interesting.