Cold Mountain is as pretty a vista as you'll find anywhere. Taking the Hotel trail to the AT makes a great circuit - and lunch on top can't be beat!

The most peaceful hike I've ever been on. Didn't see one single other person the whole time. And the view at the end on the west side on top of the rocks was very rewarding.

3 months ago

Great view on both the East and West summit. Did a sunset hike here but I would recommend a sunrise hike so that the sun falls on the front side of most of the mountain view.

The view is amazing. in the winter the trail markers are easy to miss, just keep and eye out. Moderate hike

6 months ago

Great hike. This is actually mislabeled - Mount Pleasant is a trail to the east of this one. This trail is actually Cole Mountain on the AT, then you get off the AT and take the Old Hotel Trail to compete the loop.

This is a pretty easy hike and the woods are nice, but the views are to kill for. Off of the western overlook I saw some of the best views I had ever experienced. Well worth the time.

Solid hike that is not too difficult or too long. Not a ton of great views until you arrive at the summit. There are two different point to choose from at the summit. Both are great but the west peak is a bit better

2 years ago

Excellent location for a couple of 5 miles loops, with the climbs as easy or hard as you care to make them. Also a great area to get in some backcountry camping without ever being very far from your car.

Outstanding hike. Spectacular views on both the east and west summits. Not a terribly hard hike. Well marked and worth the effort.

3 years ago

The last half mile or so of the road to the parking area isn't paved. Lots of loose gravel and bigger rocks in the road. NB.

Trail starts off pretty flat but evevuanlly there's a steady incline. Moderate and not too difficult.
Once at the top you can view either East or West summits. Clouds were rolling in on the day I hiked so there wasn't much of a view....but seeing the clouds actually roll in was pretty cool.

3 years ago

Great views from Mt. Pleasant! Did this hike with my two daughters, 12 & 10, they both loved it. The top is somewhat strenuous. The Henry Lanum trail could be better marked, especially when leaving the fire service road. You pass by some great Rhododendron that fill the path. Total time out and back with nice 45 minutes at summit for us was 5 hours. We did not go over Pompey. Here is the view from the top:

4 years ago

We loved this trail. The views are beautiful. Some of the trail can be a little tricky in the routing, but for the most part, it is blazed well.

Very good 2 day trip if you plan to camp at the peak. Good views from easy and west overlooks. All in all a fun little trip!

5 years ago

nice way to join the AT for some great views along the ridge. Also worth joining with the cold/cole mountain trail to enjoy the open meadows.

This hike will make you a believer in the AT! Please click the link and check out my twisted tale of Cold Mountain