Great hike

We hiked from the Lexington turnpike where you see the sign for long wayside Mountain up to Bald Knob site. It has steep elevation and should not be rated as Easy. It is 2.5 miles to the top which took us 1.5 hours. There are some very nice vistas from the top and the trail ( AT) is well marked throughout on the trees with white markers. However there was no marker for Bald Knob, but luckily we had our GPS.

It is not clear where the easy hike with little Irish creek is - we could not find it and it was not on the map at the parking area. Just know that if you do hike to Bald Knob it is a challenge and you will need lots of water.

Good trail with nice elevation. View at the top is worth the hike. The forest burning had a portion of the trail closed so we will have to go back. Get hike for a day trip.

This is a pretty easy trail with beautiful scenery, I have heard of seeing wild life though I haven't seen anything other than birds and squirrels myself.

2 months ago

Stunning views!! I had the summit fully to myself and seldom encountered other hikers which was both amazing (it's a beautiful day! The world should be hiking!) and glorious. A few backpackers and day hikers, but overall pretty quiet. And the summit-- wow! The west overlook has great rocks to enjoy the view, but I preferred the east overlook and it's 360 panorama.

A few logistics for those who may encounter the same questions I had:
-- several cars are parked at the trailhead for the AT; keep going to the parking lot, which has both ends of the trail's loop.
-- the trail is now called the Henry Lanum Memorial trail; the Mt Pleasant trail is solely for the .5mi trail to the summit, which juts off the main loop.
-- the full loop is 7.3mi (including the one mile steep up and back for the summit trail)
-- Enjoy!!

2 months ago

Solid loop with good views. If you park in the first lot you come to on the gravel road, you will hike the trail counter-clockwise, which means that you will get the great views from the summit meadows sooner rather than later (which is how my group hiked it).

I'd recommend continuing to the second, larger parking area and hiking clockwise so that the best part is closer to the end of your hike. Views from the clearings at the summit are really awesome and are very unique among Appalachian hikes I've been on as there is practically 360 degree visibility.

2 months ago

I still remember this one. It was a fairly easy section for the AT.

2 months ago

I did this section years ago with a full backpack. Lots to see without too much verticle.

Cold Mountain is as pretty a vista as you'll find anywhere. Taking the Hotel trail to the AT makes a great circuit - and lunch on top can't be beat!

The most peaceful hike I've ever been on. Didn't see one single other person the whole time. And the view at the end on the west side on top of the rocks was very rewarding.

5 months ago

Great view on both the East and West summit. Did a sunset hike here but I would recommend a sunrise hike so that the sun falls on the front side of most of the mountain view.

The view is amazing. in the winter the trail markers are easy to miss, just keep and eye out. Moderate hike

9 months ago

Great hike. This is actually mislabeled - Mount Pleasant is a trail to the east of this one. This trail is actually Cole Mountain on the AT, then you get off the AT and take the Old Hotel Trail to compete the loop.

This is a pretty easy hike and the woods are nice, but the views are to kill for. Off of the western overlook I saw some of the best views I had ever experienced. Well worth the time.

Solid hike that is not too difficult or too long. Not a ton of great views until you arrive at the summit. There are two different point to choose from at the summit. Both are great but the west peak is a bit better

2 years ago

Excellent location for a couple of 5 miles loops, with the climbs as easy or hard as you care to make them. Also a great area to get in some backcountry camping without ever being very far from your car.

Outstanding hike. Spectacular views on both the east and west summits. Not a terribly hard hike. Well marked and worth the effort.