very well maintained, great for runners.

well maintained trail with lots of twists and turns, 14 bridges and gorgeous scenery. There is some noise so not totally serene and there are many who walk and run but it still a great place to walk. lots of dogs but all we saw were on leashes and not one barked.

trail running
1 month ago

Probably the best trails I have ran on great trails, to bad I moved.

Nice, pleasant walk.

Best walking/jogging trail in Newport News.

Not a bad trail last time I was on it (walking), however it is geared towards mountain biking. And if you do not have a clear map or a good sense of direction it can get you turned around and lost in a heart beat. The first few times I experienced this trial was mountain biking and it is a great ride.

I really enjoy this trail, the walk is through mostly wooded areas, and the scenery is quite nice. Couldn't ask for better place to spend a couple of hours.

Not a bad trail for a hike / walk. It's not completely flat, which is nice for this area. There are about a half dozen spots that are REALLY great scenery. I will say the trail is almost over-maintained. If you're looking for the feeling of being in deep in the woods this is NOT for you. The main downfall of this trail is that for about 4 of the 5 miles you can hear cars on nearby roads. But, it's a very pretty trail. :)

trail running
4 months ago

Great trail for a quick run, once your on the trail follow the lighter covered trail and you'll stay on track.

on Lake Maury

5 months ago

Nice loop around a lake that has a small but decent amount of terrain change. The trail is nicely marked and includes mile markers.

6 months ago

Great - clear trail, lots of shade, easy to run or walk, easy parking.

Great time with friends!