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For a short hike, the scenery was great. Along the river on the way up which was moving quickly over many cascades. The falls at the top were a great destination and the woodland path down had some nice views and the quiet rumble of the river in the distance.

Went on this adventure a few months ago. Was absolutely amazing! Not easy by any means, getting to the tooth is tough. Caution advised but absolutely worth the effort. Will be going back!

We absolutely loved this trail! The amazing view at the top is so worth the hike. Can't wait to go back!!!

For a beginner hiker like myself, this was hard. All uphill and rocky, but wow, did I feel great when I got to the marble yard. I'm a bit scared of hike so and the big gaping areas between the rocks so I only went up half way, but it was fun nonetheless.

17 days ago

easily accessible trail, a few miles outside of Giles. The trail maintains a steady climb all the way to the ridge, seems to be some what of an unknown trail from talking to other hikers. Good one to explore.

23 days ago

Not much to say specific to the trail that's hasn't already been mentioned. One of the most heavily trafficked trails in the area, would recommend going early to avoid excessive trailer goers that come late morning/afternoon.

trail running
24 days ago

Fantastic trail. I went with my dog at the end of December. The first 3 miles of the trail are very challenging as you gain about 2000 feet. The false summit at 1.5 miles has great views particularly with no leaves on the trees. When you get to the summit you can walk out to some boulders that overlook the surrounding peaks. The terrain is pretty good for trail running throughout but there are a couple of rocky areas. I agree with an earlier post that water is necessary for the dogs for the first 4 miles or so but after that there is plenty of water with Reed Creek and streams that you cross. Highly recommended for great views and varied terrain.

Great hike with amazing vistas

Love it, challenge and reward!

Lots of great views, even on a foggy day. Trail is rocky, but not painful. Beautiful over-the-clouds views from Pine Mtn on the way up. Upon reaching the summit, it becomes a mossy oasis. If you're overnighting, heed the sign...conditions change rapidly...and the local forecasters really have no clue as to what it will do at 5400 feet. Beautiful hike & well worth the wind & rain on the trip back down.

how could you not love this trail?