A couple years ago. Nice walk except that you share it with cars.

mountain biking
1 year ago

I did this three years ago and forgot to review in. It was a nice ride.

Very easy, flat, and well-maintained trail. A great family trail with interpretive trail signs throughout. As mentioned in other reviews, this trail connects with an asphalt bike trail, so be mindful as you walk. Be on the lookout for the deer herd that moves throughout this trail's area, as it contains several piebald (mostly white) deer. The white deer make the herd easy to spot throughout most of the year.

My family has completed this trail numerous times in all seasons, with a full hike taking just about one hour to one and a half hour estimate of this site.

This trail is also a great morning run, but the mosquitos, especially on the wooden bridges, can be an issue in the summer months.

Easy level trail with various loops. It connects with an asphalt trail for bikes so be mindful. If you stay off of the asphalt the trails are fully shaded. Great for dogs on a leash.

road biking
3 years ago

The scenery on this trail is so beautiful. But the interactions with automobile drivers was mostly unpleasant, and made me very uncomfortable. Thankfully, that is just a short portion of the ride!

Rey easy and nice trail.

This is a great 5 mile loop. Start at the visitor center and pass the 3 mile loop. Great views of the water, very nice!

A very easy 3 mile loop trail with the option of going 5 miles. Half way around you have a choice to add another 2 miles or go in. It was getting late so I took the short route.

3 years ago

What a beautiful day for a hike. Too bad this one is so short, but it was nice and I stoped by the glass blowing exibit after the trail. There is a ruins of an early 1600's glass works and next door they built a new replica where they make about 100 pieces of glass a day for you to watch and purchase if you wish.

3 years ago

Short and sweet. It was a bright sunshiney afternoon so there were a lot of people but it was still a joy. Trails are well groomed.

This is a very well constructed trail through a forested area in a suburban area. It is nearly level, and low places are bridged. In some places the trail is very close to back yards, but as it winds around a small lake, you may see many deer, especially on the west side by the meadow. In late summer, you will see mushrooms. The trail shares a boardwalk section with the Capital to Capital Trail, a bike trail that will run from Jamestown to Richmond. (http://www.virginiacapitaltrail.org/) The trail is wide there, but beware of bikers. The lake and forest provide great bird watching.

5 years ago

Like Williamsburg, this is a nice, educational walk that i have taken a few times. The historical interpretation is excellent, and you may even get some wildlife viewing. I once watched a cottonmouth for a few minutes at Jamestown, fascinated by one of the few snakes that appears to be constantly defensive and irritable, even when not threatened.