Well maintained paths. Great for an hour or so walk on fairly easy trails.

Drove 20 minutes to get here only to find dogs were not allowed. What a bummer!

Excellent. Not many people!

This trail was well maintained and well marked. I enjoyed a summer morning hike on this trail. The scenery was good. Traffic was light and plenty of parking space.


I really enjoyed it. I went in early Spring when the trees were still barren and was surprised at the amount of wildlife I saw from birds of prey to wild turkeys and plenty of deer.


Well maintained and marked trails over light rolling hills give good exercise without being too mentally or physically taxing. Not too crowded the day after Thanksgiving. The scenery is varied, there are woods slopes, fields and river and marshlands to see.

1 year ago

For a local trip and first trail hike with my kids it was perfect. Unfortunately the lake and streams were nearly dried up (we haven't had much rain lately) but if there was more water it would've been beautiful. Going around in circles got a bit boring but there were some beautiful, peaceful views. I also really liked how every trail was marked and color coded. That took away any uneasiness of getting lost with my children. I plan on going back and do recommend it.

1 year ago

Great option for choosing trails of various distance. All trails are marked clearly throughout. It's worth spending a couple of hours and exploring a few of the trails. The longest is 1.6 miles.

If you have younger children & want to explore the woods with them, this is a great place. The trails are easy to navigate with varied terrain and none are very difficult. You pass through meadows, woods, ravines, stream bank, and along the reservoir. Great place to spend the day, picnic, and just enjoy the great outdoors. No need for "hiking gear" - athletic shoes do just fine. Surprisingly close to Charlottesville with good parking. It can be crowded if you are there during an event or a school trip, but most times it does not feel too busy. For experienced adult hikers, it will seem too tame.

There are several differnt trails that are very clearly marked (by color). They were well maintained, and there werenot a lot of people present.

Lots of wildlife and plenty of different trails you can take. Great place to spend the afternoon.