Stays wet but great walk or ride

Beautiful walk in the snow, but it was so loud at the plant it took away from the serenity of the park. That being said, I will still go back!

While the area is beautiful and good for birding, I just can't overlook the Dominion Power facility.

It was fun trip and easy hike .. it's dog friendly and funny for families.. the beginning wasn't good but after that it beautiful and great views

Beautiful views of the river & a peaceful walk.

trail running
6 months ago

Nice scenery & good paths if you want to do some running instead of just a walk. Just under 5 miles if you do the whole loop

Hot Hot Hot! Much of the trail h
as no tree cover. If you're old & out of shape, try an easier trail. Bring plenty of water.

4/4/2016 Great hike today 4.67miles! It was sunny and 70 degrees and windy.Very beautiful views around the water.A few people walking and fishing.I highly recommend this trail.

9 months ago

Nice hike. Great scenery, lots of wildlife. If you like to bird watch I'd highly recommend this trail.

I had a very nice time hiking this trail.I hiked 5 miles with a 25lb backpack that I will be using on the Appalachian trail this spring.The trail is flat and is marked every 1/10 of a mile.Very nice scenery of the water,birds,etc. The trail has a nice bridge to cross the river.It was 40 degree's when I started the hike and it warmed up nice after a little while.It took me a little over 2 hours to hike the whole trail.

Great hike. It had recently snowed so the trail was sloshy.