Hemlock Overlook Regional Park serves as an Outdoor Education Center operated by Adventure Links, an ACA Accredited camp, in cooperation with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. The facility offers a variety of outdoor and environmental education, team development programs for public and private schools, religious groups, community groups, sports teams, corporations, professional organizations, as well as, local, state, and federal government and military agencies. Programs at Hemlock Overlook are open to the public and groups by reservation. Only the hiking and horse trails may be used without prior arrangement. Directions: To reach Hemlock Overlook, take I-66 to Route 123, drive south on 123 to Clifton Road, turn right on Clifton Road and drive 3.7 miles, turn left on Yates Ford Road and follow it to the park entrance.

We parked right outside the park and took the yellow trail to blue by the water and picked the yellow trail back up. At times the trail is challenging. There are a lot of geological rocks on certain parts of the path and because of fall, there were a ton of leaves, so at times it was slippery. Fitbit showed we had climbed 32 floors. Sometimes the trail was well marked sometimes it wasn't. I only heard that gun range way off in the distance just for a short period time. This was a well traveled trail on Saturday.

Parking can be a problem since there is a busy winery next door.

Good walk down to the river and back. The doggy loves the small beaches by the river.

Just tough enough to keep the kids interested. Beautiful scenery. Keep your eyes open for the blazes.

Great view. Be careful when veering off the marked trails. There is a gun range by the blue trail and could get loud at times. Definitely not easy. Get ready to break a sweat.

I have a small dog and we absolutely loved this trail! Lots of opportunity to get in the water. Lots of rocks, fallen trees, etc. The diverse landscape made it fun and interesting. The first left onto the RED blaze trail was missed because you can only see it on your way back. Now I know and will do the longer journey.

Its a good trail for the family, its little rocky but kids can manage it. Like the view on the river.

Be extremely careful following the trails! The directions we found for the loop trail weren't clear about where to turn off, and we ended up going probably an extra mile on the blue blazed Bull Run Occoquan trail before we realized the mistake. If you crossed Bull Run on the concrete pylons, turn back! The yellow blazed trail to head back to parking is just before the crossing.

We had a perfectly lovely time until that mishap. The trail isn't too strenuous, a few steep parts and some rocky areas. Our small dog (jack Russell dachshund mix) had a blast!

8 months ago

Half of this trail is poorly kept, with lots of fallen trees blocking the path. I had to hike to the road just to get back to my car. Also be careful to not accidentally wander onto the 17(?) mile trail that intertwines with this one. They stupidly use the same tree markers (and sparingly so) so it is easy to get lost. Also, DO NOT SWIM HERE. Venomous snakes are in the water. Beyond that though its a beautiful trail, just make sure you have gps to get home or don't explore too much. People were very dog friendly btw.

Just walked 2.5 mi of this trail with almost 6 yr old daughter. She rocked it! Lots of opportunities to traverse rocks over bull run. Changes in elevation very modest. All folks we passed were very friendly with my off-lead GSP. Highly recommended.

9 months ago

It was a fun hike with some beautiful scenes. It was pretty muddy today, but still a nice hike. It might be a difficult hike in some areas for small children.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

This is one of my favorite trails. I love how nice the view is and the variety it offers for challenges. I highly recommend this trail to anyone, not matter what your skill level. My boyfriend is super athletic and will run ahead like a mountain goat while I take my time and hike a bit more relaxed. At the end of the 4 miles we both feel like we had a good work out.

1 year ago

really love how serene this hike is especially considering how close to civilization it is. Not hard at all, great for kids, but still long enough to get the heart rate up. the trickling stream that goes down to the river is incredibly meditative. the choice of trails is great too... especially if you want to scale it back if young ones are with you.

trail running
1 year ago

A little chilly on my run today, but that's besides the point! Multiple loops to choose from but starting and end points are at the public parking spot for the trail. The terrian has alot to offer from rocky, to flat, to uphill, downhill, & muddy! Got lost for a little bit, but it's very easy to get back on path (atleast for me) I have to say that this has to be the most challenging trail I've been on, will come back for sure!

Done this trail a few times! Hasn't got old yet!

I really enjoyed this trail. Have my 3 month old in a baby carrier so was looking for shaded trails that were easy to moderate during these summer months. Did not hike the entire trail but enjoyed some beautiful scenery along the way especially by the river.

My girls and I hiked from Bull Run Marina to Hemlock and back. That made it 10.5 miles. Very enjoyable. There was all kinds of different scenery. Everything from Marsh land, forest, rock outcroppings, and Meadows.