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At Great Falls, the Potomac River builds up speed and force as it falls over a series of steep, jagged rocks and flows through the narrow Mather Gorge. The Patowmack Canal offers a glimpse into the early history of this country. Great Falls Park has many opportunities to explore history and nature, all in a beautiful 800-acre park only 15 miles from the Nations Capital.

16 hours ago

18 hours ago

Section A is not dog friendly, verry rocky and slow going if you take the kids along, beautiful vistas, not a lot of wild life and there is a lot of people on the trail.

I did section A-C it was amazing! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great hike and amazing views. I recommend wearing hiking boots section A is no dogs

I gave it 3 stars but it's surely at least 4 stars with Spring or Fall foliage but certainly an enjoyable trail. I'm not a fan of broad gravel paths and found myself on some today. But otherwise the trail offered the type of diversity I do enjoy. It had some natural surface (other than gravel), a little elevation gain, some rock scrambling and the river and its soothing sounds.

Definitely would rate moderate if you're comfortable with climbing and jumping on rocks. There is a sign that warns you when the trail becomes more difficult-and you can easily turn around if you are not comfortable with jumping and scaling rocks. Beautiful views and interesting trail over all.

Nice easy trail. There are some loose rock beds on the trail which can make it troublesome if you have bad balance.

Great spot just outside the Nations Capital.

Flat out, gorgeous!

Love all the scrambling!

Great hike! Wonderful views and the perfect amount of climbing.

1 month ago

It's easy yet breath taking. Be prepared to climb/jump on rocks though. Very kid friendly. It's crazy how many views they have.