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At Great Falls, the Potomac River builds up speed and force as it falls over a series of steep, jagged rocks and flows through the narrow Mather Gorge. The Patowmack Canal offers a glimpse into the early history of this country. Great Falls Park has many opportunities to explore history and nature, all in a beautiful 800-acre park only 15 miles from the Nations Capital.

Love all the scrambling!

Great hike! Wonderful views and the perfect amount of climbing.

It's easy yet breath taking. Be prepared to climb/jump on rocks though. Very kid friendly. It's crazy how many views they have.


great views! not hard to get too. technical but options for easier paths as well.

Great fall morning on the River Trail, Ridge Trail and Matildaville Trail. Great leaf coverage on the ground, but it also made for some tricky footwork in places. Definitely recommend going early on weekends. There were a couple of large groups of 12 - 15 people but it was fine once you got around them.

I love this trail and it is my to go trail. One nice thing about section A is you can choose harder route or easier. I like jumping from rock to rock so I usually pick the route closer to the patomac river which is more rocky. But the views are beautiful and the distance is not that long.

Harder than we assumed, but a great workout. Being in shape definitely helps. Tons of rocks and rock climbing!

Hiked on Veterans Day, so the fee was waived. Trail is called "River Trail" and connects to "Difficult Run" trail and loops around back to the visitor center. Busy around the main entrance by the visitor center, but the crowd started to fade about half a mile in. Instead of connecting to Difficult Run trail, I decided to hike back along the river on River Trail. Multiple lookouts and places to sit and reflect along the way. Peaceful and lined with fall foliage on both sides of the river.

It's not a very difficult hike but the views of the Potomac are beautiful.

It was a short hike on the billy goat trail because we unfortunately got lost ,but it was still a nice hike along the river.

The Billy goat trail is divided into 3 sections: A, B, C and they are not continually connected. You do one section then walk down the next part. Section A is the hardest, lots of rock scrambling but very fun and plenty of blazes to lead you along and beautiful water views. Section B is much easier with 2 or 3 rock scrambles but mostly flat ground, better for dogs, or small children and less blazes. Section C is even easier than B. Liked the trails, the worst part is walking on the gravel trail, about 3 or more miles straight away back to parking lot to get your car, lol. We saw beautiful autumn colors all throughout though.

23 days ago

Beautiful trail! Lots of rock scrambling, probably best to avoid if you're scared of heights or have weak ankles/knees. Bring a snack and plenty of water, and plan to take a long time so you don't run out of sunlight

Love this hike!!

A way to connect with nature

1 month ago

Beautiful, easy with almost no climbing. 2 Nice water bridges within the main loop.