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address to Pauline as soon as you cross the creek break off of the yellow Trail to the right it is a non blazed Trail that will go up the ridge and you'll find those rocks

11 days ago

Good family hike. Trail is steep but easy to navigate and a good pair of walking shoes is all that is required. Need to scramble up the rock at the top - at 63 yrs old got on hands & knees for a few feet a couple of times to eliminate risk of slipping & falling. Was very windy & much colder on the top so be prepared for that. Fantastic views at the top.

Beautiful, but well trafficked. Worth the effort.

Thought I'd try this hike since I was staying just down the road in Rawley Springs. Found what we thought was the trailhead at the dead end of Rawley Springs Road and immediately went across the river to follow the trail and yellow blazes. While we saw lots of cool boulders and boulder fields, we never came across anything like the photos posted here. We basically followed the yellow blazed trail for over an hour which included a pretty steep incline up a mountain that seemed to keep on going.
As I typically hike 2- 2.5 miles per hour, clearly we did something wrong. But, it was a nice hike!
Does anyone have better directions to the trailhead, or know the name of the yellow-blazed trail?

moderately easy hike. great views!

awesome hike! super fun and great views!

super easy! quick walk to a swimming hole.

16 days ago

Went today with temps in the low-mid 40s. Really cold but really great hike. Most of the top of the waterfall was frozen. Trail is steep in a lot of places and you need good shoes. Lots of places to rest and take pics. Great trail.

18 days ago

I have done this several times, the gravel road is tough, hands down. I packed a small donut/ floaty from Walmart and my swimming trunks in the summer, the pond in the summer made it well worth it, and the views.

18 days ago

I live 10 minutes away, I just stumbled on the trail, I was just taking my dogs on a walk on a Sunday on the through way. I did this hike on November 20st. When you get to the slopes the leaves are deep and slick, had to push them out of the way, it only lasted about 100 yards.
I am going to go back on a non hunting- Sunday to do the whole trail

loved it.. here is some info i hope helps that I couldn't find where I went.
*drive past visors center 1/2m, turn left, no sign into 20 space paved lot.
*kiosk board on left side of lot, read it. the humpback rocks are .8m behind sign, follow blue marks on tree.
*benches along the way in. steep at times, trial is dirt, rocks & steps leading up. can be slick.
*took 1 hr or so up, 30 to 45 to come down.
*same path up as down, unless you do a 4.2m loop
*walking stick helps on way down
*go early in the day, gets busy quick. week day preferred hike

enjoy the hike , well worth it

18 days ago

This was my second time on the hike, and it was still fantastic. The trail is not long, but is fairly steep with a rock scramble on the top. The trail is confusing at times as it winds through private land and hits the AT, so be attentive on where you're going. A lot of AT hikers camp at the base of the rock scramble. The views are fantastic. I would say this is like the poor man's Old Rag.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Nice ride, nice scenery and a beautiful day. Maybe the dificulty rating needs to be increased.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Beautiful ride, but it was a workout.

26 days ago

Hike the loop in one day -- the GWNF map says the loop is 10.6miles. Headed East first, where the trail is the rockiest. It's definitely a rocky trail -- especially for the first five miles from the east side of the parking lot to Signal Knob. If headed up in the fall, the leaves make it difficult to choose steps wisely -- but also provide some amazing views and gorgeous colors. Great loop. There is a bit of trail on an old fire road (between signal knob and the blue blazed trail). Otherwise, almost all the rest of the trail is in the middle of covered Forrest. Well marked. Easy to follow. Impressed with anyone who mountain bikes the loop. It would not be easy.

27 days ago

We actually hiked this twice. First time with 3 year old grandson, who walked about a mile of our 2 mile hike in and out. Second time, just 2 adults and baby in a carrier did nearly 3 miles. Went in about 1 1/2 mile, stopped at an outcrop to take pics and drink water. Got the pic, mommy with baby looked down and saw the head of a bear climbing up....needless to say we survived but we beat feet!