The observation deck of the Marina Building at Fountainhead commands a spectacular view of the widest point of the Occoquan Reservoir. Paddle Tour Brochure 2011 Learn to Kayak 2011 Programs VIEW PARK MAP Directions: To reach Fountainhead, take I-95 south of the Beltway, exit at Occoquan and travel north on Rt. 123 approximately 5 miles. Turn left onto Hampton Road and drive 3 miles to the entrance on the left.

Beautiful park and trails. walked the bull run trail. saw trail head for one of the other trails but not sure where to pick up and walk other trails.

Not that good anymore. it's been transformed into a "bike park". All machine built, no natural hand cut singletrack. Over ridden, many sections are rippled with stutter bumps. This once was a great place to ride, now it's only convenient.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail, but your map needs work. They have three trail on the main mountain bike trail they are green, blue and black. This is due to your skill level. Your Map should show the different trails. To do the Green and blue trail it is about 6 miles of hard riding.

This trail should be rated moderate to difficult. Fountainhead is a challenging trail set in the forest, with sometimes difficult markers to follow. The terrain is diverse. Sometimes easy to walk, with areas where one should follow caution and definitely keep eyes to the ground. This is the perfect trail to take if you are a beginning to intermediate hiker looking for a trail to test your agility. This was my very first hike, and probably not the best trail to kick off my tenure. I hit the wall at mile seven and had to be "guided back." Be sure to have a hearty breakfast before hiking here, bring PLENTY of water (preferably a camel pack), and make sure to take breaks. The trail can go up to 12 miles if you hike to the marina and back. Be sure to look for the blue markers as it is easy to get caught up in the forest foliage/fauna and lose site of markers. We've decided to come back in the fall and challenge ourselves by going the 12 miles. Have fun on it, but be prepared!

Beautiful. Shady. Perfect.

mountain biking
5 months ago

My first bike ride in 8 years in this park. I am a beginner all over again and I will say Fountainhead was a experience that had me take my training wheels off my bike and get down on the terrain. I learned quickly to come prepared. Totally fun and worthwhile.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great park with lot to do

Good for exploring. Watch out for bikers zooming by! :)

Great for mountain biking

trail running
7 months ago

We loved it!

Fun, it's got some tuff sections where the ascent & descents can be strenuous due to trail erosion...

10 months ago

It was great. Terrain changes a lot. Scenario does also changes as well. I like it a lot.

This is a fantastic running trail, with endless hills and technical trail. Races held here are routinely rated as some of the most challenging in VA

mountain biking
11 months ago

Exiting, tiring, I've enjoyed having a snack looking at the lake, mountains, I even took a small nap.

Beautiful day. Love the ups and downs of this hike. Well marked.

This could be a great trail if it was marked better and they had an easy bike trail. Mountain bike trails are for experienced bikers. Would be nice to have a family trail. Also-people at boat dock should have knowledge of trails. So, mountain bike trail area mapped great hiking trails are awful. P.s.-staff member told me a person got lost on trail the night before. Just down loaded trail app-see how that goes. Good luck.

1 year ago

Was at Fountainhead this weekend. Took a refresher of a Map&Compass class. We used some of the trails as our classroom. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day! And, the 'hiking only' trail took us out of reach of the mass of mountain bikers assembled for an annual event on the other trails! We only did a few miles on the hiking trail, and some time quite off the trail (yes, intentionally). Had a great time. Been 30 or so years since I have been in that park--have to get back there long before another 30 years are up.

Really enjoyed this quiet trail. Shaded with streams and a few steep hills. Trails are well marked.Only one out there this morning!