Variety of terrain and beautiful vistas give you a great glimpse of Richmond - past, present and future.

I love living next door to this beautiful little oasis.

I forgot that I was near the city during parts of this hiking and that is a huge compliment.

I wish in parts of the hike that you were not sharing the space with mountain bikers, feel dangerous for hiking with children or animals.

The hike was easy and mostly shaded. I started at the Reedy Creek parking area, following the Buttermilk Trail to the Belle Isle. From the Belle Isle I crossed the river at the Pedestrian Bridge, continued on the North Bank Trail. I made a mistake crossed the railroad and walked down to the Texas Beach. It turned out I could not cross the river. So I backtracked to the North Bank Trail, crossed the Boulevard Bridge and completed the loop for a total of 8.7 Miles in 3 hrs.

Great hike to explore a different view of RVA! We did the 6.2 mile hike with a small detour to the South of the James Farmers Market (took one wrong turn but we were able to jump right back on the buttermilk trail). I suggest having the alltrails app up and running. Bring plenty of water, especially for a dog if you bring one. We only found one good water stop to refill at the entrance to northbank trail. Mostly shaded trails with a few long patches of sun. The trail is a little overgrown near Hollywood cemetery just as a heads up. A nice mix of hikers, runners, and bikers. Looking forward to hiking it again with a Texas Beach detour in mind!

6.2 mile hike. Very easy to navigate. Awesome trail! So many different terrain and scenery. Very beautiful, fun hike. Mild traffic from bikers and hikers. Did this one with my boyfriend and we both loved it. Cool to see the city from some places, but so much wilderness also. Will go back for sure the next time I'm in Richmond! :)

Loved the hike. If you're looking to get your children involved in outdoors start here.

Very nice trail and good for anyone considering to get into hiking. It has what you would expect to find in some mountain trails. It is a beautiful trail with a lot of scenery.

Great day today. Did the full 6.2 mile loop. Lots of fun.

Beautiful trail with a ton of hills for a great work out. The bridge to Belle Isle is closed until May 1st during the weekdays but open on the weekends. Lots of different landscapes to see at several points on the 6 mile loop.

mountain biking
9 months ago

We did this over a year ago. I was still shaky on the bike but it was a nice ride.

10 months ago