20 days ago

It is a nice easy hike, beautiful in the fall.

2 months ago

Great trail, with nice views and access to river. Some elevation climbs as well so provides an opportunity for some exercise. Completed with 10 yr old kid, so child friendly (and plenty of four-legged friends on the trail as well).

Nice trail with great views. I was really turned off by all the smelly garbage at the trailhead ..

trail running
3 months ago

Nice trails, but trash everywhere even on the quieter side trails you see beer cans and other junk. Near the falls themselves even more beer cans and lots of scruffy loud people in the water. Parking lot is tiny and fills up fast on weekends. Has great potential, but a real shame it is not policed or cleaned up regularly.

A little crowded....be safe arou d the waterfall, it can get a little treterous if you try to cross.

Wonderfully well marked trail with lots of trail signage. Waterfall area is beautiful but can get crowded. I enjoyed the trails even more than the waterfall.

There are sewer lines along the path and the smell is unbearable. Dirt as well. Dog poop everywhere in little plastic bags all along the path.

Nice hike, a long the river hike as much as you want in shade and water!

Lovely walk Hard to believe you are so close to to a major city

Amazing trail. Easy to go w small kids and very close.

Flat and fun!