Nice trail, Great Family Hike

Great for easy to moderate trail running. Not extremely technical but fun for beginners. 3 loops are approximately 10.82 miles. The 3.4 mile trail loop is not heavily used by hikers especially in late fall and winter. There are shorter hikes that will loop if take the yellow trail to the blue.

Wonderful family hike

Good for first time hikers

Did the larger loop with the blue markers and at times the road was very narrow and there are lots of bikers on these trails to where you had to stand in the woods to let them pass. The trail and bridges were beautiful. People were super nice and I had quite a few conversations. The dog very much enjoyed the long walk.

This was a wide, flat trail for the most part. It seemed like more of a training ground for middle-aged mountain bikers than a hiking trail. Most of the stream beds were completely dry. Not a lot of nature to be seen: 1 toad, 1 turtle, and 1 squirrel. Lots of spiders and butterflies, though. It was a nice starter hike but I don't think we need to go there again.

Great trail to ran on. Surprisingly quiet.

Mostly level; great for beginners and families; some bikers

6 months ago

Nice flat trail. Great for the family and our dog. Follow the blue markers for the longer trail. Very quiet. About 3 miles.


Great trail that's not crowded early in mornings. Took family of 6 (youngest 9) mountain biking and they all made it back safely on the BLUE trail. Some challenging areas with lots of mud, but still fun. Son and I did the more advance Yellow after and that was fun little leg burner.

10 months ago

It is a nice set of trails to work yourself back into hiking, also I thought how the various signs teach about preservation and harvesting forests. Great trails to take your dogs on two, while its a little easy for my tastes I was able to bring friends and family that aren't as frequent hikers as myself.

my dog and I loved it. peaceful. and beautiful tall tall trees!

Easy & flat trail. Nice hike. Our dog loved it. Beautiful fall colors.

Nice, easy, hike. My two daughters enjoyed it. Recently found out that there are geocaches along the trail and our next outing will be a treasure hunt!

Beautiful, trail. Perfect for easy jog or walk.

trail running
1 year ago

It was a nice mostly flat trail for leisure hikes or a nice run. I mountain bikes and I enjoyed the trail.

Nothing to look at except the pretty Forrest. There is no climatic river or waterfall or scenic outlook.

The orange trail is short about a mile or so into the blue trail. It has a drop and then you come across some larger rock gardens that are difficult to terrain without stopping for a novice like myself. No big deal I just hopped off and walked through to the other side.

Beautiful hike in the fall. Very few other people and mostly secluded. Dog was fine off leash. We'll be back!