The old-timers around here used to call a passage through the mountains a break. Such breaks were a rare thing indeed, offering the early settlers an opportunity to take their frontier lives to a new level. Layer upon layer of history welcomes todays visitor, as does the still resplendent beauty of this unique 4600-acre park. Established in 1954 by an act of Congress initiated by the efforts of the two states it crosses, Virginia and Kentucky, it is now one of only two such interstate parks in the USA. Visitors come to us year-round to enjoy the many recreational delights, whether they are bent on an active, sporting experience, or one more contemplative, such as our seven gorgeous overlooks. Wildlife abounds, as does the warm welcome, in cozy accommodations that feel just right in their setting. Read on, we have some wonderful stories to tell.

Enjoyed a weekend getaway with some hiking, sightseeing, and geocaching. We hiked a total of nine trails which we turned into an insane loop throught the park. The hike turned out awesome, even hiked over into Kentucky to capture a geocache and enjoy a quick lunch break at the picnic shelter. We stayed in one of the cottages which it was very peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. Will definitely come here again!

1 month ago

A short trail around and through some cool rocks and rock formations.

This was our last of nine trails hiked for one insane and awseome loop throughout the park. This trail is an old streambed for the spring itself and could be muddy or even a water trek in wet weather and or heavy rains.

Hiked up this trail from the Grassy Creek Trail... the hill is a good steep climb! We looped around the park. We started on the Loop Trail and came down on the Prospectors and River Trails... I think this was a good choice on the route just by comparing the trails on each end.

The River Trail is accessed best via Geological after parking at State Line Overlook. Steep rocky trail.

Great trails

7 months ago

Great trail!

on Geological Trail

7 months ago

A good trail for a short hike. We did this one after the geological trail and after the prospector's trail.

There are quite a few different rock formations to stop and check out. Interesting trail.

There are lots of great views to see throughout the trails. Plenty of climbing, too.

1 year ago

Trail head located directly behind the visitor center. Short trail that connects to others.

This was a gorgeous hike, enjoyed all the climbing!!

2 years ago

This is the first hike we did with out son (4 months old), and we all loved it. It is short and not very difficult, but there are so many beautiful, and interesting things to look at. Don't forget to bring your paper that describes the hike as the different geological formations are numbered and can be matched to descriptions. Unfortunately, we forgot our paper, so we'll have to go again some time.

Great hike, rugged trails and the vistas are awesome. Certainly a hike to remember.

3 years ago

This is probably the most amazing trail I have hiked (and I have hiked all over the Smokies)! Their are so many amazing views the entire hike. To view photos and learn more about the trails, visit http://www.anniam.com/2013/07/breaks-interstate-park-breathtaking.html.

Breaks Interstate Park is a great destination along the Kentucky/Virginia border. The breaks are essentially a 1000 foot deep canyon carved by the Russel Fork and are referred to as the 'Grand Canyon of The South'. The views from the many different lookout points are breathtaking. You also stand a good chance of seeing a train rumbling though a tunnel alongside the river. The trail itself can be challenging, the Prospectors trail is very rocky but offers several rock formations and the trail leading down to the river is very steep, as would be expected. The area also offers a lakeside trail.

Hiked here a while back. Great views. Very beautiful place.

The trails here overlook a deep river gorge, they have a beautiful park and a great lodge.