Surrounding the Ball's Bluff National Cemetery, this regional park preserves the site of the Battle of Ball's Bluff, the earliest Civil War engagement to take place in Loudoun County. Hiking trails and interpretive signs aid in understanding this important and tragic part of American history.

1 month ago

I just got back from hiking the Ball's Bluff Park ORANGE TRAIL. I really enjoyed my time there and will definitely come back again to hike this trail. I went there at 2:00PM on a Friday and didn't come across anyone on the trail. I LOVED it! I enjoyed the solitude and will be coming back during the weekdays to hike the other trails.

FYI...I wouldn't go as far as to say this trail is very easy. I'm a novice hiker and a bit out of shape. While the trail is enjoyable and doable, there are parts of the trail that will get your heart pumping fast if you are out of shape because you have to walk up some steep inclines. It took me an hour to complete this trail due to walking slow, taking many pictures, and taking some time to check out the Ball's Bluff Overview.

great lots of wildlife deer , snakes , and a turtle. great day

Lots of historical info here. The overlook is nice, good with less foliage so more is able to be seen.

8 months ago

For a suburban trail, there is a great set of trails. The longest trail is 1.8 miles but if you are smart and make a loop with multiple trails, you can hike about 4.5 miles without retracing your steps. The hills are about 50-75 feet vertical climb. My 11 year old daughter, who is not very active, can hike all the trails for about an hour.

For some people, this is easy. For beginning trail runners or hikers, this can be moderate. You decide for yourself based on the 50-75 foot hills.

On the summer weekends, it is busy but not so much that you can't find parking or the trails get backed up. I am able to do my trail running without waiting for others.

Finally, there is NO mountain biking here, only hiking. Enjoy.

Plenty of trails to keep you busy. Can be packed in on nice days

1 year ago

Went there during winter with my dog, it's a great trail and we enjoyed very much.

My friend and I hiked here in early spring; it is a very peaceful place, despite the fact that it is a historical battle ground. It is beautiful in the springtime, with many wildflowers and greenery on the forest floor. I saw people riding horses one time that I was there, but it is great for hiking. Kids and dogs are able to enjoy it as well. I prefer going in the spring/ summer because there is much more to look at and you feel more sheltered by the leaves and shadow. The hike went up and down a lot, but it wasn't too difficult overall. There all several trails to choose from.