I started at Kemper Park area entering the woods to the right of the parking area. No true markings and trails criss cross many times, so I just explored. The trails are hard pack with a few areas of rock gardens. A decent amount of uphill, but not steep or too difficult. My tracker stated 6.5 miles of woods. I then came out on the Monticello trail and walked 4 miles ( in and out) of flat crushed stone/ wood bridges to the welcome center. Overall a relatively easy hike with very few people in the woods and much more traffic on the easy trail.

beautiful path with many paths off the trail. main path is gravel and slightly busy.

Nice trail with lots of side hikes off the main trail. Very busy though.

Some of the offshoots on the trail lead to really pretty spots! We will definitely be back to explore more.

Beautiful trail with a lot of boardwalks. I hike/run this trail a few times a week. Perfect for a jogging stroller and my 3 1/2 year old loves to ride his strider bike here.

Nice uphill workout and stroller friendly. Bring your wallet and have lunch at the top in the Monticello Cafe!

It's a nice gravel/boardwalk trail that's got a slight elevation change. Good for a nice stroll.

7 months ago

Very cool easy grade boardwalk trail along the side of The mountain above Monticello at Charlottesville. The hike ends at a lovely arboretum with a network of forest and field trails all its own. I suggest starting from that park so that the return trip is downhill! Views are woods except in winter when you can see more of the Blue Ridge through the leafless trees.

Easy and fun

Perfect for anyone looking for a leisurely after work stroll.

1 year ago

Well maintained, easy walk, wide paths.

Easy, gently uphill trails that are the best maintained in the area. Beautiful trees, meadows, and winter distant views. One can hike up to Monticello or Carter Mountain apple orchard on these trails. The main drawback to these trails is that they tend to be crowded.

Great hike, and really close to town! The boardwalk is quite easy, the backwoods not much harder, but some OK climbing to get your heart going...