1 month ago

Love it.

Great trails. Something for everyone. Bike or hike.

on Pine Hill Park

6 months ago

Pine Hill Park is such a treasure. Either for locals or visitors to Rutland County, there is something for everyone at Pine Hill. Parents with small or mid sized children can find short, not so steep trails that can be done in 20 minutes; more ambitious hikers can put together a longer hike. The Carriage Trail is a longer trail that can occupy an afternoon, leaving a car at one end to get you back to the trailhead. Pine Hill is also good for a quick lunch time hike for workers in Rutland City!

mountain biking
2 years ago

Great lower level trails. Perfect for beginner mountain bikers!

Pine hill is a great place to hike or bike. There are easy-mod/hard trails as long or as short as you want to go. Go visit the pond or the views from the top. A great place for families. Lots of people. Leash your dog! Lots of dogs there and not always happy ones.