Great hike.
1. Plenty of parking with bathroom facilities.
2. Steep, rocky, beautiful trail. Nice soft level out about 3/4 way up with beautiful fauna.
3. Views similar to Baker Peak. Route 7 valley looking West.

2 months ago

GORGEOUS. My friend and I spent almost an hour at the top just because we couldn't get enough of the view. And the summit is fun because even if there are lots of people (like there were that day), it's bare and easy to find places to soak it in with peace and quiet, and each spot has a somewhat different view. The climb was a lot tougher than I was anticipating, bc I had hiked in White Rocks as a kid and didn't realize that there are multiple trails, and that when I was 16 I did the Ice Bed trail... oops. Anyway. Rewarding, beautiful, rugged. Classic AT on the way up - rocky and scrambly. Be in good shape and have some time on your hands, with PLENTY of water. Be sure to add a cairn to the absolutely bizarre cairn collection about .3 mi from the cliffs.

Couldn't find entrance, wasn't accurate on this app. Ended up doing another close by but similar views As they crossed.

3 months ago

I work out a lot so was in good shape, if you are not, don't do it. We past experiences hikers throwing up as it was too much for them. It's pretty much non stop an hour climb. If you want to, try to be on the stair master at your gym - same thing:) views not spectacular. I got frustrated after a while. There's a little waterfall you see on your left at the beginning but you can't get close. The rock playgrounds are nice, the view nice. Leads to Appalachian trail. Wouldn't do it again.

5 months ago

It was a decent hike, the trails was mostly up hill witch was difficult for someone like me who is not very in shape. The views at the outlook were okay, but not the greatest. It was a great leg workout and I would totally do it again.

6 months ago

Steady incline, some parts are pretty rocky, but stunning flora along the trail and the waterfall near the trail head is stunning. Dog and kid friendly. Worth it to go for more than just the ice caves.

Moderate incline the whole way without many great stopping points. Nice view from the fire tower at the top but extremely buggy in late May. Our group instantly turned back around and hit up the Long Trail Brewery for a well deserved beer

easy hike but the view was beautiful

Nice trail for mid-level hikers short on time.

Went late march so some harder parts with leftover ice. Snuck into some of the unused trails on other side in Mt Okemo. Most insane way to go sledding on your rain jacket definitely recommend doing this. Trails not too hard, but not many areas for good views. Only good view is at the top in the firetower and its well worth the trip.

8 months ago

wasn't hard. got to top where white rocks were. nice view of VT.

Completed this in several feet of snow with my dog. Beautiful views from the Fire Tower up top. If you go in early March, you won't see a soul!

This trail is in my hometown and I've hiked it several times in different seasons...generally it's not a trail I go to when craving solitude, but the fire tower is a nice bonus! Gradual and meandering most of the way up, with a few steeper pitches.

1 year ago

Good afternoon hike, though I unfortunately hit bad weather and it was raining when I reached the cliffs, so the views were not that great. Start early, and plan on plenty of time to explore the cliffs, as there are multiple directions you can see across the valley from. From the cairns (which have an almost eerie feel, almost like some kind of memorial) the trail gets very steep (down and then up again) and rocky and requires some hand over foot climbing, especially on the return. Be sure to watch carefully for the blue blazes as the trail gets a bit vague through here.

If you are feeling adventurous, be sure to explore down the ravine to the waterfall. There is no official trail, but its pretty clear where people have scrambled up and down the steep ravine down to the falls(and you can hear them from the trail). If you are not comfortable with steep bushwacking, and grabbing rocks and roots to climb back up, I would skip the falls.