Great hike but I would NOT rate it as easy, at least not if you end up on the Long Trail on the way home (especially on a rainy day in June). Wear waterproof boots for sure as you walk through a lot of streams and I even had to wade through a shallow river at the end. Also wear warmer clothes than you might expect as it was windy and much colder at the top. I recommend getting to the pond and then going back on the pond trail if you want an easy hike, otherwise it is quite long (and seemed to take me more than the 5 miles states) but really good and with great views! There is actually a trail that takes you to a vista off the long trail as well, with a great view. Otherwise, I found the portion connecting the Long Trail to the highway to walk back was not a marked trail for a part of it but if I followed the map closely I could almost "bushwack" back. All in all, it was definitely a great and challenging hike.

I'm using this trail because its closest to Bingham Falls. Well apparently they are related but Bingham falls can actually be found about 2 miles down the road. The hike is easy. Except when you are closer to the falls where you need to hike down some steepness. But you'll be ok if you're careful. People swim here. I jumped from the top of the falls. Which I wouldn't recommend if you don't know how. I landed in the water wrong lololololol but it's absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to go back in a few weeks.

This is a wonderful trail. The beginning section wasn't very enjoyable, due to following alongside a private road and lodge. There was a lot of noise from chainsaws and mowers during this time. However once we got further into the trail it is much more enjoyable. Lots of steep rocks to climb up and great views of the lake. The waterfall is beautiful and totally worth climbing down to the bottom for the view. Further in we heard a moose which was really nice. We reached the lodge, had lunch and turned back. Great for a short day hike, took us about 2.5 hours total.

Not much In the way of views but a fun hike. Took the Mansfield trail to Bow trail which loops around. Waterfall was nice and we climbed down to get some better views. Bow trail is described as rough and it is. Rocks and roots along with cave ladders and caves. Very fun with more options for longer hikes. Gradual incline so never really feel the elevation. Will be back to try some of the other trails.

Nice hike but can get crowded because it's right at the summit of the Stowe-Smuggler's Notch road, where lots of tourists stop. Good workout for all levels and ages of hikers

1 year ago

Hiked from Stevenson Road to Taylor Lodge then down to Lake Mansfield and the private Trout Club. There is a waterfall between Taylor Lodge and the lake. Hiked back up to Taylor Lodge and took the .4 mile Clara Bow loop which includes a small cave portion. The rough portion of the trail is definitely worth it. Enjoy!

Nice trail that begins slow with a 0.5 mile trek aside private property. When climbing, it's not too difficult. After about 2.0 miles, at the Taylor Lodge near the notch, take the Clara Bow trail for 0.8 miles which traverses the actual notch including a cave ladder and climb beneath huge rocks to get through, rounding back over Sugarloaf peak back to the lodge. Four hours tops with steady pace. Includes a peaceful scene next to a beaver-created pond.

Excluding Madonna, it's a nice way to see nature and to feel isolated with the comforts of a lean to and a cabin if you so choose to stay overnight.

on Catamount XC Trail

4 years ago

This is one of the best mountains for late fall hiking.. Challenging enough to provoke rope use and tie offs for some of the lil gaps. When slippery or icy its pretty gnarly. The summit on a nice day is 360, with champlain to the west and the sweet Worcester range to the east. It's a full day up and over or you can spend a long weekend from shelter to shelter.. I recommend Nebraska trail from the south and Clara bow over to LT.. Enjoy..