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The Green Mountain National Forest located in Vermont contains portions of the Long Trail as well as other popular hiking peaks and trails. The Appalachian Trail crosses through this park and is a popular destination for New England hikers.

In winter, the Battell trail is a monster. It's a 20,000 step round trip, ice covered challenge of switch backs and up, up, and more up. Micro-spikes are a must and 3-4 hours of time are needed (I'm old and slow). I could not summit because the snow was slipping off of the ice, so I turned around at the steepest, final stretch. Note there is a second route up! When driving up Elder rd, you'll come to a bend near the end. You'll see a sign that says, Battell Trail to the left. Stop and park right there. Take the fire road up on your left. Continue up until you see a gate on your left. Take that fire road up until you reach a clearing with a picnic table. That's the view with the dog, looking west. Look for the two large ponds behind you and walk between them. You'll find a little used trail that goes up to intersect the Battell trail above the wooden bridges. Right now, its easy to find... just follow my foot steps in the snow. From my car, almost to the summit and back... 20K steps...

5 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Very cool seeing the maple syrup lines on you way up. A couple of challenging spots.

on Paran-Frost Trail

6 days ago

Nice walk. I started at the lake and walked out to frosts house. It seems that the lake has food to be had in the summer months and there is swimming at the beach. It was winter when I went, people were ice fishing and the trail was slippery. I would not take the shoreline trail where it splits off in the winter as it is more narrow and near the water and a ledge. Robert Frost's house is beautiful and it seems a shame to have perhaps the most famous poet in the U.S. nearby and not visit his home.

Great for snowshoeing too!!

Really nice tight loop. Nice natural trail with a few overlooks.

Very beautiful trail that mostly runs next to a creek. Very little change in elevation, rocky, but not too strenuous.

Great spot, but gets a little crowded on nicer days, I prefer the Beartown Gap or Three Maple drive over Manchester CTR...its an easy shot along the Northern Ridge.

1 month ago

A very gentle 2+ mile hike around the reservoir. Nice family hike.

1 month ago

trail running
2 months ago

Easy to follow and worthwhile views after a moderate climb on fire roads. It's a favorite of mine.

2 months ago

I would rate this hike on the easier side. It's a nice walk through the woods with a waterfall at the end. It's uphill for the first 3/5 or so of the trail and then a straight away to before a small decline at the waterfall. Overall it shouldn't take too much longer than 2 or 3 hours to complete.

Worth the climb!