11 days ago

Come prepared for this hike. Temperature can change quickly. There will be lots of other hikers and many bring dogs. Great way to spend a day with friends. Amazing views.

WARNING: Bring your cramp-ons, or whatever you need for ice. Took the Forest City Trail to Long Trail today, hoping to descend Burrow's Trail. So many warnings that Burrows was lots of ice at top, "ice-ledges." The top of the LT got pretty tricky with ice also. A beautiful day but took longer b/c of needing to be careful underfoot, especially higher up on the rocks.

Beautiful trail! Sometimes a bit hard to see the signs when there is snow, but overall great.

1 month ago

Amazing hike when the foliage is at peak color. I hiked to the summit via Monroe Trail to Dean Trail to the Long Trail and took the Monroe Trail down. I was a fairly strenuous hike to the summit, especially after you join the Long Trail. That being said, the Long Trail was the most beautiful part of the hike. It was extremely peaceful because very few people go this way. The summit was beautiful but very crowded. Total hike about 7 miles took 3.5 hours with stops for water and pics. Highly recommended.

Absolutely amazing in the Fall. Pretty Moderate climb with a steady incline that eventually lead to some light rock scrambling near the top. the veiw from the hump itself is awesome, but the wind is very strong.

This is a excellent challenging hike. The day we went there was tremendous cloud cover so the challenge and exercise was our reward.

Fun, but little variance in terrain until the summit.

2 months ago

Great trail, VERY windy once you're above 3500 feet- enough where at the top my buddy and I were having trouble standing. Well marked, the Monroe trail is great and family friendly, but if you're looking for a little more difficulty out of it, split off Monroe and take the alpine trail. That'll put you towards the Bomber wing and a steeper assent. Happy Trails.

Great hike! Steep at times but well groomed to climb.

Definitely a challenging hike! Really great, well marked. Took our dog and she did fine! Excellent views at the top.

Absolutely wonderful! It was a 3 hour hike around trip & the views were by far some of the best in Vermont.

2 months ago

amazing views from the summit!

2 months ago

This hike is up a logging trail, which as of September 2016 was heavily scarred and surrounded by logging debris. There are some pretty meadows on the way up before logging activity starts.

Great hike. Not too hard, about 2.5hrs to summit with a lot of stopping. Trail is well marked, just be prepared for some steep parts. As you go up, the trail tends to get steeper and rockier. Amazing summit views...we had lunch at the summit and it was perfect! Only downside is the crowds...we went on a Friday and even then the trail was packed. Doesn't bother me much, but if you want to be alone this isn't the trail for that.

it was great. more and more difficult as you go but over all pretty quick hike. peak is very rewarding. my suggestion, go early. started at 6 am with not too much traffic. on my way down around 10 am we passed about 25 groups of people.

Went up and back on Burrows. Challenging climb in that it's a decent elevation gain in a relatively short distance. Not terribly difficult though, but be prepared for consistent climbs. Some rock scrambling, but nothing really technical. Great views from the summit.

Really enjoyed this hike!