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4 days ago

Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyy God is really all I can say ------ a real butt kicker....I made it to the Summit simply because I was stubborn enough to keep going. I definitely feel my age on this one.....worth it when you climb the scenic tower yet I WILL NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN>>>>>

My standard Goldendoodle and I did this hike on Columbus Day 2016. Beautiful and well marked trail with some little climbs. Had to hoist my dog up a few of them, but other than that it was manageable. We did the round trip in about 3 hours with a 5 min stop at Gus' Overlook and 15 minute lunch at the Summit and tower. Great fall hike with incredible views and foliage! Highly recommend!

Tough but enjoyable. Not a lot of sight seeing on the way up, but an excellent workout.

24 days ago

Challenging but worth it!

Very nice hike. We went all the way up to the watch tower and the view was magnificent. Trail markers were numerous and easy to keep track of. Trail itself was pretty maintained. Highly recommend.

My wife and I loved this trail. Definitely worth the trek.

1 month ago

Quiet, challenging hike up Mt. Ascutney. Good resting points (Gerry Falls, Log Shelter) along the way. Relatively short trail to the top, but the trade-off is a steep climb. Make sure to stop at Castle Rock for great views before heading to the summit.

Parking lot is in good shape. There is plenty of overflow parking too.

There are plenty of scenic views too. Gus' lookout, the west summit, the observation tower, with "maps" of what mountains you are looking at, and the east summit. The water fall was great too.

It seems longer than 2.9 miles. And I am not just referring to the work to climb the mountain. The hike up and down with a short stop for a snack was 5.5 hours.

The trail is in well maintained. The terrain is typical; expect sections of exposed roots, loose rocks and gravel, stone stairs, a wood stair, slipper ledges and friendly hikers.

Challenging hike, but great on a cool am. No water running so dry falls and peak is at 2.9 not 2.1. There is a west peak as well which adds about .4. Nice though not a very jarring rocky hike.

Great trail, overall pretty easy hike for most! Beautiful day and views from the tower.

Good trail. Well marked. A butt kicker for the over 50 crowd.

2 months ago

Pretty hard hike. Make sure you check out the west peak view. It's amazing compared to the summit view.

Steep uphill hike, not for the faint of heart. The views make it well worth it especially at Gus's outlook and the west peak. Absolutely beautiful. Weatherfields Trail is well marked with white paint as well.

Challenging and very fun with beautiful views. My wife and I enjoyed it.

Did this with snowshoes in the winter. Challenging and worth it. Good parking and great views.

Awesome views

1 year ago

Really enjoy this hike, and I've ventured up many times. Would not recommend going further than Cascade Falls (~1.1mi into the hike) with dogs, as the trail becomes consistently steep past that point. Rewarding summit views and a good, steep challenge with mixed terrain! Enjoy :)