Fun to hike in winter and summer!

The cave at the end makes the hike worth it!!

Went with a group of friends and family on October 10th. Loved it. Only main concern several unleashed dogs.

Kind of new at this so just echo most of the last few posts. Hiked on 10 Oct, less than a dozen or so folks on the trail. Very nice mid morning hike. Nothing special needed here this time of year other than water. Saw what seemed to be regulars fast pacing and jogging some sections without anything at all.

The falls is worth the trip to see. The very first part on the switchback from the trail head is a bit misleading, it gets better quickly after you enter the canyon.

Can't wait to bring family back here and will do it again just to show them.

Just hiked this for the first time today. Decent hike and not too difficult- my 4 year old made the whole trip. Very crowded trail but room to pass so it's not obnoxious. Too many irresponsible dog owners though (poop).

19 days ago

Beautiful views and has such a nice forest atmosphere with lots of water along the trail. The waterfall is worth the hike up

20 days ago

Always love this hike!

22 days ago

24 days ago

great hike. waterfall is beautiful.
did see a rattlesnake on the trail, so be aware.
i'm a dog owner and as there are limited trails in SLC where dogs are allowed, i was excited to take my pup along. however, i was extremely disappointed with the amount of dog poop on the trail. fellow down owners, pick up your dogs poop! don't ruin it for the rest of us.

25 days ago

First part of the hike is the sunniest as there's not much shady. The hike also doesn't get very exciting until later on in the trail. We went earlier in the morning and it wasn't that busy. The waterfall is gorgeous with lots of shaded areas and there's certain places you can find to picnic. However, by the time we came down (around noon), the heat was at its peak and my dog's paws started to burn so we put on his shoes to help with the hot pavement.

The beginning of the trail isn't exciting- once you hear the water and see the first waterfall (diverting) off the trail you know it's going to be good.
Took my 2 wiener dogs and they did amazingly well! The waterfall and different colors of fall was so pretty! Some sharp rocks going up and down, just watch your step...

1 month ago

Definitely more difficult but incredibly beautiful. The first part of the trail was the most difficult because of the lack of shade. Definitely beat to get an earlier start.

1 month ago

This is my favorite hike it is also the hardest because of the first part of the hike I don't think I'm strong enough to bring my son

I sprained my ankle on this trail and still give it 5 stars lol love it