This was an amazing trail and the waterfall was beautiful. Hiked it during the winter so the snow was a great touch and made it a bit more challenging.

17 days ago

23 days ago

you would need good shoes for this there is A LOT of rocks! mostly uphill (of course) wouldnt recommend fpr children under 6, its dangerous. easy to slip and hurt yourself.

25 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike minus the fact I went up early on a Saturday and it was so busy. I definitely prefer this on a weekday. It was a little harder for my puppy since the end is fairly rocky and it was slippery for him trying to get up. I would say a easy hike, lots of little kids.

on Adams Canyon Trail

26 days ago

Tons of off-leash dogs. All friendly but kind of annoying cause you never know if their dog is friendly.
SUPER BUSY for a Sunday in November.
The trail itself. Amazing.

Beautiful trail up to the waterfall. I took my 5 and 3 year olds and they made it all the way up and back down with little assistance. The switchbacks at the start are the worst part

it was ok

beautiful trail but heavily trafficked.

great trail!

It's silly how many people use this trail, avoid at all costs!

Fun to hike in winter and summer!

The cave at the end makes the hike worth it!!

Went with a group of friends and family on October 10th. Loved it. Only main concern several unleashed dogs.

Kind of new at this so just echo most of the last few posts. Hiked on 10 Oct, less than a dozen or so folks on the trail. Very nice mid morning hike. Nothing special needed here this time of year other than water. Saw what seemed to be regulars fast pacing and jogging some sections without anything at all.

The falls is worth the trip to see. The very first part on the switchback from the trail head is a bit misleading, it gets better quickly after you enter the canyon.

Can't wait to bring family back here and will do it again just to show them.

Just hiked this for the first time today. Decent hike and not too difficult- my 4 year old made the whole trip. Very crowded trail but room to pass so it's not obnoxious. Too many irresponsible dog owners though (poop).