Did this Sunday with my sister and our two dogs. I enjoyed it was a little rocky in some places but overall it was great hike and really good work out. Bikers use trail don't mind that I just step off trail let them pass, but would be nice if they give a hooded hoodie, or behind you when they come up so can get off trail to let them pass. If you look at the map it kind of looks like a dragon . Will do again next fall right before leaves fall.

Leaves are changing in mid-September when i did this hike, and West side of the loop has the overlook and a few other places with very nice views. Getting up to Sardine Peak itself will be a scramble of a few hundred feet through underbrush - take a small trail marked hikers only southeast of the peak. If you take the wider trail directly east of it, it just takes you around - doesn't get any closer. East side of the loop has some great views of Pineview on top, but after that it's just a lot of wooded switchbacks that all look the same. Good for bikers, but made for a boring last half of the hike.

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2 months ago

What a workout...but the views will keep us coming back time after time! ♡

Top ten favor for run, bike.