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The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the 12 National Forests in the Intermountain Region as well as one of the urban National Forests in the Forest Service System. It covers an area that includes northern and north-central Utah, and southwestern Wyoming. This area also includes the larges population center within the State of Utah, which is known as the Wasatch Front. The Forest is heavily influenced and impacted from over a million people living in close proximity. The Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest has a net acreage of 2,169,596 acres. It is divided into seven Ranger Districts: Salt Lake, Kamas/Heber, Ogden, Pleasant Grove, Spanish Fork, and Logan in Utah; and Evanston/Mountain View in Wyoming. Scenic beauty on the Forest offers unlimited recreational opportunities throughout the year. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, camping, picnicking, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, etc., you can find the recreational experience you are seeking. Because of the abundance of recreation opportunities and the large urban population along the Wasatch Front, the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is one of the most heavily visited in the entire National Forest System.

Trail is in good shape with mostly packed snow, but was a bit icy on the descent. Wear yaktrax if you've got 'em! Car to car in 1:50 with a 5-10 min break at the top.

Beautiful trail, snow packed basically the entire way. I wore yak tracks which were helpful on the way down. There's nothing technical about this trail, but the length and consistent elevation gain make it moderately difficult.

This was my first time on the trail (MLK holiday). It took us about 4 hours round trip and there were people faster and slower than us. I would rate this as moderate-difficult. The bottom and top were hardest (incline) and the middle was much easier. I wore yak-trax and I would DEFINITELY suggest them to anyone hiking in the winter. My husband wore running shoes and things got a little dicey on the way down, especially at the top. All in all this was a great trail and we will be back in the spring/summer. Oh, the app says this is 5.3 mi but the trailhead says 3.0 to the summit; add in the .5 mile through the campground and this is more like a 7 mi RT hike.

Great for a winter trail run.

I live on the Bonneville Shoreline but for some reason I have never hiked Hidden Valley. Well, today was the day EXCEPT that we couldn't go all the way b/c there was a spot that was just too slippery and difficult to cross in the snow, so we turned around about 1 mile up. Still a great hike with incredible views and I will definitely be back.

4 days ago

Parked at the winter trailhead and snowshoed up the road to the first switchback and headed up the Mill F fork to Guardsman Pass. From the pass we hiked down the Blood Lake trail to Blood lake on an easy to follow trail through the snow. From Bloods lake we headed south towards Lackawaxen Lake but tried heading directly towards the pass between Peak 10,420 and Clayton Peak which turn out being a pore choice and had a sketchy exposed slope that I didn't like. From the pass we headed up Peak 10,420 and was treated to a great view of the area. Descended down to Guardsman pass and returned down the Mill F fork to the road but continued down a well traveled path through the snow in Mill F fork until we were parallel the original trailhead and followed a well travel path back to the car. Great loop. (see recorded track)

4 days ago

We went yesterday and started our hike around 2pm which got us to the hot springs by 5pm. The snow is pretty well packed on the entire trail so no snowshoes required. We wore snow boots but saw some people hiking in running shoes. We had to hike back in the dark but it was absolutely worth it because by the time we got to the hot springs at 5pm, most people had cleared out and we had a pool all to ourselves. The hike back in the dark wasn't bad because it was a full moon and the stars were beautiful. We forgot a headlamp and would definitely recommend bringing a lamp or flashlight if you're going to do the hike in the dark. Flip flops are also a good idea if you want to walk from pool to pool.

I love this hike. Grow up hiking here. Great for all ages.

These hot springs are extremely popular, pretty much anytime you go. Normally this trail is only about 3 miles round trip but in the winter when the gate is closed the total is about 12 miles. We thought the cold, snow, and extra miles would thin out the crowds but we were mistaken. We went on January 14, 2017 and the gate was closed and the trail packed down in snow so you don't need snow shoes or even boots if you don't want. The hike took us about 4 hours plus about an hour soak in the hot springs and if you're ok cozying up with your new best hot spring friends you can enjoy the very warm pools or if you are a little more shy there are plenty of warm but not as warm pools to soak in as well. The sulfur is strong so you may want to take some precentarive measures so it doesn't end up taking over you life, I.e. Plastic bag for your swimsuit, limit the amount of clothes that come in contact with the pool, wash separately, etc. All in all this is a must do hike for anyone Utahn because let's face it, we only have a small amount of hot springs to enjoy. #fifthwaterhotsprings #hotsprings #daimondfork #spanishforkcanyon #hiking #beautahful #utahisrad

1st time on this trail in winter, fun stuff! Snow is very packed down on Granite trail and pretty icy up to reservoir, glad I had poles and slip-on spikes/crampons(OUTAD brand on AMAZON only $25, soooo worth it). The closer you get to the waterfall the more beautiful the surroundings, but the more steep and slick so be careful!

5 days ago

Easy snowshoe to the lake on a well traveled trail the day after snowstorm. Climbed beyond the lake to the ridge where you can see the almost the entire Canyons/Park City Ski complex. Great View on a sunny day and was great to get out of the inversion in Salt Lake City

Great hike, well used. The snow was packed so I didn't have to use my snow shoes. A little bit slippery. I would recommend using a par of the hiking cleats to give you better traction.