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Loved it!

3 days ago

Beautiful hike. Did this one at the end of September and the colors were absolutely incredible. I've lived in Utah my entire life and haven't experienced color changes like this. I'd do this again definitely. Steady incline the entire hike. There is a small rock quarry about 3/4 of the way up. Keep to the right. We had a couple people ask which way going back down. A side note- I would advise assuming that ALL trails will be 1-2 miles longer than what is stated on AllTrails. If you are going hiking, bring food, water and some form of element protection. We were asked by multiple groups "if they were close" but they weren't even half way. I want people to be safe out there and not get in over their heads. Please know what you are getting yourself into and please be safe. Respect nature and and you will be rewarded.

6 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. One of my favorites. We were not expecting so much room at the top by the lake. There were many places to sit and not feel crowded.There was a lot of variety in trees and on the trail. Seemed very popular but for a reason. It was calm (as far as wind) at the top and very relaxing. I am excited to do it again in June. I would like to see the lake at its full capacity, but it was still very pretty in October. I loved the yellow trees. This is a must hike.

Beautiful hike in October. Definitely a steady climb to the top. Worth the effort. Be sure to check out the other two sister lakes just beyond Lake Blanche. They were my favorite.

Beautiful hike. Not really much of a trail once you get in a little bit. Had tons of fun jumping rock to rock following the stream up.

A splendid hike all views are beautiful. A little muddy and slippery in October well worth it.

My friend and I spent the majority of the day on this trail but we loved it. The fall colors were great. The lakes were great. This was the longest hike we've done but the incline was steady throughout. No dogs allowed on the trail. There's one rocky patch to navigate/be aware of but it was very doable. Would recommend to other friends that hike.


on Lake Blanche Trail

10 days ago

Just completed this hike with the whole family today. It was a little more challenging than I anticipated but we all made it to the summit. My two oldest kids, ages 9 and 10, did it without much complaining. It got a little chilly at the top, probably a good idea to pack an extra layer just in case. Both me and my hubby had our toddlers in backpacks on our backs and we hauled them the whole way. It was a steady steep climb most of the way up and we took several breaks on the way to check out the cool abandoned mining equipment. Not too busy on the trail. Gorgeous views along the way and at the summit!

I loved this hike! Though maybe it goes without saying and I just missed it, if you veer to the right once you see the old mine it takes you up to the top of the peak behind it. Definitely will repeat this one.

Beautiful hike. No snow yesterday. We made it in 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down.

Beautiful hike.

We loved this trail! The Aspens, the snow peaks, the trail condition, the level of exertion, the waterfalls, we saw moose at the creek, the climax at the lake, the decent was perfectly doable. There is one part towards the top where the switchback had a rock slide over it but it's easy stay on track.

16 days ago

on Lake Blanche Trail

17 days ago