Loved this hike! Honestly, the steepest parts of the trail are the ones up to the Y itself. After that it's a pretty steady but not killer uphill, though there are a few hundred yards toward the top which go back to being steep. A nice day hike, beautiful in the fall and an amazing view. The trail is very easy to find and follow up to the top.

Shoes with good traction are an absolute must. The trail is clearly defined, but it is rocky/gravelly enough in areas to make you slip. Heck, I was wearing Solomons and still slipped a few times going down.

Whatever construction was previously mentioned is finished now. The trail is fully accessible with new signs going up to the Y.

Only hiked to the Y - we did so with 4 kids under the age of 6. Decent incline but it was too short and there are waaaaay too many people on this trail for me; definitely not 'moderately trafficked' (at least the first third). But, all said it's a good one with kids!

1 day ago

Took 2.5 hours up, 1.5 down. Awesome view, sunset view beautiful!

awesome rewarding view from top.

Pretty difficult and trail uneven and steep and totally worth it! Spectacular views.

Great hike on a Sunday afternoon. There were a couple steep area but overall not technical. Saw a some mountain goats on the way up.

5 hours in and out with a bad knee. The first third was easy going along the bottom of a beautiful canyon full of all kinds of rock formations. The remainder is consistently steep without much view until the top. But the summit view is one of the best of Utah County. The valley below is truly awe inspiring. Great hike with some unique views - will absolutely repeat!

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27 days ago

Would have been beautiful views, if it wasn't for the fog, and snow. It can be tough, but it's fun with plenty of beautiful views along the way and at the top.

Beautiful hike. Went on a friday evening and got to the top just in time for the sunset and it was such a great view. We saw two people on their way down while we were on our way up past the "Y", but never saw another person. Had such a great time having it to ourselves. No rivers or streams or lakes but it definitely got very pretty toward the top. I would recommend it for sure but it could be a bit tough to stay on the trail if you aren't with someone who has done it before!

1 month ago

Going to the top of the mountain there are plenty of steep areas that tire you out, but the view from on top for sunset is incredible!!!! Definitely worth the hike!! Make sure to stay right at the fork. Look for a "Y" carved into a tree.

Fairly difficult hike I would say, for the distance it's quite a bit of elevation gain. I hiked timp the week before, and this one seemed to have been harder on my legs. The view is absolutely beautiful and it was well worth the difficult hike to the top. Definitely will be going again.

1 month ago

I was not expecting this hike to be very difficult, but man, it gets super steep on the last half. The view is worth it though. Take water and snacks because you will want to stop at the end.

1 month ago

A decent hike. We did it in a little under 3 hours pretty much without stopping. You start breathing hard at some points but it's pretty easy overall. Only thing is, there's not much of a view at the end of the hike (and leads to a campground you can drive to). If you're looking to take some good pictures, hike squaw peak, which shares about half of it's trail with this trail.

1 month ago

Little dry to begin with, lots of loose rocks.
Clearly marked trail, breathtaking views. Gets a bit steep at the top for a minute.
Well worth the climb. I would rate this as more moderate than hard. My watch clocked it at a bit closer to 9.0 miles tho. (I did take a quick detour to a small cave I spotted just before the third bridge)