This is a great hike and the reward of the scenic view at the end is breath taking!

Boring hike on the way up, view at the end makes it worth it. If hiking in the winter be sure to bring a good jacket!

1 month ago

Very cool trail. It gets progressively more difficult the farther you go, but nothing super difficult if you can climb up and down some large boulders. But there were ways around them as well, in most spots. At the end, where the canyon splits, it is absolutely stunning. The echo is so cool and you can actually climb up further and continue if you would like. We explored the left canyon. Beautiful photo opportunity! Take water. Take a picnic. It's a great hike!

did this hike today for the first time. The hike up was meh, but the view at the end was spectacular!! Definitely would do it again,

Pretty easy hike with spectacular views at the end

Wear good shoes on this one! Very rocky. Brought the dog, kids... they loved it!

Great hike for younger children. Took my 12 year old daughter with me and she didn't stop once. The overlook is breathtaking at the end! We'd go again!

Beautiful overlook. Rocky at first sandy at the end but worth it.

Great hike at a slow pace you can make it in about 40 min and it's totally worth it. Quite rocky in the beginning and then sandy. Bring lots of water. :)

8 months ago

Enjoyed spotting baby desert tortoise. Hiked in Mid May. It was still quite hot from 8:45-10:45 am. Wear a hat and tennis shoes, not sandals.
Trial begins as tramped red sand, moving to white sand with black basalt rocks. Descending into a sandy stream bed.

Amazing view at the end

Love that we can take our dogs on this trail. We also don't usually run into many people which is nice. I don't love all the rocks for the first mile or so. But the view at the end is great (posted a picture). Make sure to leash your dog when you get close to the lookout. You have to guess since it is not marked that you are about there. But there isn't any sort of fence or anything so makes for a great view, but not so nice for a curious dog.

The sandy/rocky trail was okay, but the view from the overlooked was amazing! Great opportunity for some fun rock climbing and photos. We loved it!!

Lots of rocks starting out, have to watch your step for a while. Sand is a fun leg work out. Amazing view at the end.