This is a great trail to begin with and train for harder and more difficult trails. It is a fun trail and has many points to stop and view The Valley of Salt Lake. It has gradual inclines and parts where the trail flattens out for a nice break, and fun to race down the mountain when finished! Highly recommend it!

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1 month ago

As described the trail is lightly traveled and completely exposed. The views in to the neighboring canyons made the whole run worth it, they were breathtaking. The trail itself had a fair amount of elevation gain at the end. Expect a moderately steep path both up and down.

Nice hike. The garden is awesome.

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2 months ago

Excellent local hike. The stone Adirondacks are a great place to soak in the views. We ran up and down and enjoyed the wide and well maintained paths. Lower elevation and less risk of snow in the early fall compared to other local SLC hikes.

Dusty trail that is NOT in the Red Butte Canyon Natural Area.

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2 months ago

As others indicated, it's a little hard to find the right path at the beginning, I had to keep checking the map on the app to navigate the first half mile. You may want to do an out and back on the left side going clockwise, the other side is intense because it's loose gravel and straight downhill. I couldn't stand up and ended up sitting on my feet and pushing myself down with my hands (it was actually a blast!) but I can see most people not wanting to go rock skiing.

This is a fantastic sunset hike. U can hit the living room, red butte then mount wire. All great views of golden hour.... I also don't recommend the loop, it's dangerous coming down, especially at night. I had to slide down a few spots in the dark.

2 months ago

Fun first hike in Salt Lake City.
Tower at top.

This is not a review but more of a question. Why isn't there access past the reservoir further into the canyon. I noticed when you get up by the reservoir there is large fences that run up both sides of the canyon and they have no trespassing signs.

As others have mentioned:
1. The Big beacon is gone, removed a few years back. Mostly I hear people call it Mt. Wire or Wire Peak now.
2. The route is a little hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for. I like to park on top of Colorow dr/Connor Rd at a trailhead there, and if you go uphill you quickly cross the BST and the trail up George's Hollow is almost straight across (just a little jog to the right if I recall). After crossing/leaving the BST stay R at your first couple major forks, staying down in the bottom of the draw. About 1/2 mile after leaving the BST you reach a ridge, and from there climb into another draw. If you want to go to the living room, turn L on the larger trail, but if you want to climb wire peak stay straight up the draw. It's pretty straightforward from there.
3. The various routes down the main ridges of Mt. Wire suck unless you're a mountain goat. I recommend just turn around and go down the way you came.
This is a lovely hike with at least fair shade, and the rocks of red butte (it's worth the short walk to the edge of the cliff from the saddle) and the lookout tower on top add interest for kids. Not too crazy steep as long as you take the marked route up. Dogs are allowed.

I hesitate the give "Red Butte Garden Trails" a poor rating because there are a lot of beautiful trails in and around Red Butte Gardens. But the one shown on the map is probably the worst way to climb Mt. Van Cott. I wouldn't use the trail past the 0.6 mile mark on this map, it's too steep and loose, hiking this route will only contribute to erosion. Stick to the lower trails around the garden, and if you want to hike Van Cott I highly recommend the route up from Dry Creek (although parking is a problem there.

It's a good hiking, but nothing much to see. Go with pants, a lot of small bushes in the way. If you want go all the path, be careful. The way down is kinda dangerous, full of small rocks and really leveled, had to go down sitting and using hands or I would certainly fall and wouldn't be writing this review. The way up is moderate but the way down is hard. The top of the peak has a really nice view.

The steep leg of the loop is difficult. You can skip it though.

nice elevation gain to do in the morning as it is not shaded.

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3 months ago

perfect place to take my dog for a quick run early morning or evening as it is not shaded.

Loved this trail, not too steep and beautiful views of Salt Lake City! Free for u of u students with a student ID too!!

Great entrant to elevation change from the east coast. Drink at least 1L of h2o by the time you summit. Be mindful of afternoon thunderstorms that will catch you off guard

on Red Butte Garden Trails

5 months ago