Great hike. Nice calm trail for the family.

4 months ago

I guess this is the same sunset trail, very beautiful, easy hike with shade all the way, it's not busy at all

4 months ago

great trail for families. my 4 year old daughter hiked the whole thing without any trouble. Much of the trail has shade and it is well defined all the way up to the waterfall and then a little further up to sunset campground. To get to the waterfall you have to climb down a pretty steep grade but there is a rope you can hold on to while climbing. going down was a bit harder for my youngest two than coming back up. I wouldn't recommend the climb down to the falls for the elderly or really young kids that cannot hold themselves up on a rope yet.

We went all the way up to the sunset campground then back to the falls for the kids to play for a bit before hiking back down. The waterfall is plentiful year round so this is a great hike even for late fall.

Solid 4-star hike.

4 months ago

It was a fun hike. Definitely take your sunscreen or hat, not much covering. Cute little waterfall at the end.

Fun hike!!

perfect for a Sunday...

5 months ago

The hike is beautiful but will be better in the fall. It was so hot with hardly any shade.

I don't recommend it for summertime . The trail has almost no shade and some parts are very difficult. You can save 1.5 miles by parking by the reservoir. This trail is not good for children or older people.


It was fun. We actually started at the shady Lagoon trail, going through the tunnel and then onward past the reservoir, then over the creek bridge and up the trail. It was super fun, challenging us a few times, but worth it for the view. It was especially rewarding for our 13 year old first time hiker to see Lagoon from the canyon.

7 months ago

I would've say this trail is easy. From parking at hairpin turn lot, the trail is uphill the entire way and is very narrow and often hairy. It is hard to determine which way to start, there's no trailhead sign. There are two trails going uphill, take either, they both lead to the trail. I wouldn't take young children or anyone with unstable footing. The views are gorgeous and I wish we would have made it to final waterfall, but we encountered rattling rattlesnake on trail about 1/4 mile from it and had to turn back. There are lots of fun lizards to spot, but be careful it could be a snake. Be sure to bring water, and hiking poles would've been good to have. FYI there is no cell service anywhere on trail so emergency such as fall or snake bite would be bad.

9 months ago

Great for all ages. Easy neighborhood access. Fruit to pick along the way in late summer and Lagoon Zoo visibility year-round.

1 year ago

Fun hike, great for 12-13 year old scouts. The ups are canceled out by the downs and keeps you from working too hard. We did an overnighter and should have had someone save a campsite at Sunset Camp Ground before hand as the choices were very limited when we arrived and had to make do with a less than desirable camping location just outside the established areas.

Been awhile since I did this one but I used to love it. We always went up for the bottom and then back.

The road was closed off at the bottom so my friend and I had to hike up the paved road just to get to the trailhead. It would've been nice to be able to drive all the way up.
But, it is a beautiful canyon! You can hear the water rushing at all times. The views are amazing and I only wish we had had more time to do the actual trail.

We started this hike from the top, in the Sunset campground, but you can also start at the bottom, where the paved road turns to dirt. The road all through this canyon is very narrow and very bumpy, just make sure you go slowly around the blind turns. We went on Mother's Day Sunday, and only saw a few other cars and only 2 sets of people on the hike.
I had my 4 and 7 years olds with me, so I knew we weren't going to be able to do the whole thing. We got about halfway down the trail and then headed back. The views are amazing. The whole first half of this hike is very shaded. You pass awesome rock formations, a few streams, pass a huge waterfall and can also see some wrecked cars. We had so much fun exploring the area. I would definitely do this hike again but maybe start from the bottom next time just to see the difference.

I did this hike today with two friends and when we first started the trail, I actually thought it was the wrong one. We actually started at the top rather then the bottom. We went to the campsite Sunset up Farmington canyon and started down from there where there is a gorgeous medium/big size waterfall that you can't get down too but still enjoy the view from afar and then finally met up with the small waterfall down the trail. I will say that I'm happy that I started backwards because I probably wouldn't have gone all the way to the top to see the big waterfall and rushing river. I do wish there were more/bigger trees because hiking in mid day gets miserably hot without trees. All in all, it was a beautiful hike. Lots of elk scat in a camp site we found that you have to back pack into. I would definitely do this hike again. :)

Loved this hike! Getting to the base of the waterfall at the end is a little tricky. There are 3 old cars up here if you look for them, which I found way cool. Not a hard hike and definitely worth it

Love this trail! Bonny & Clydes car and the waterfall at the top make it a good hike. Very pretty!