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1 day ago

Fairly easy, and a lot of fun to snow shoe in! When you get to the waterfall it is stunning, part of its frozen then you get a little glimpse of the part that is still flowing. Highly recommend.


So much fun

14 days ago

So much fun for snowshoeing. I haven't been snowshoeing in years and my friend had never been before so it was nice to go on a well-used trail (though not so well-used that it was crowded) that wasn't too difficult.

Fantastic! It was scary but neat to see and walk on the avalanche field (pic attached). This trail has wonderful panoramic views of the mountains and provided a very spiritual experience during a winter’s day trek.

The large meadow Below the summit is beautiful with its wide open views and wild flowers.

1 month ago

I loved this hike. It was pretty brutal because we didn't expect the snow which got deeper and deeper as we went along. We took this trail till it ended and then we made our way up to the summit of maple mountain. I think it was a round trip of about 10 miles and we started at 5:30am and got done at noon. The view with the fresh snowfall were incredible. The last mile had no trail and was a steep incline with a foot of snow which was the most brutal part. That one mile took us probably an hour and a half to climb but only 20 min to get down from it. Well worth the hike. We wish we had brought snowshoes.

one of the most beautiful trails

go out of your way to do this hike when it's not busy. the trail itself is incredible (probably one of the best in Utah valley) but there are so many inconsiderate punks that do graffiti, blare their music on the hike, relieve themselves near the trail, the list goes on.

It was difficult at parts but one of the most beautiful Trails I've ever been on. I would recommend this Trail to anyone. I would recommend that you at least make it to the saddle if nothing else.

There was a big buffalo at the top

Easy and relaxing. Busy the day I went, but still pleasant

Great hike and even better views! Worth the trip but expect to push it and break a sweat.

2 months ago

Did this hike September 28th and there was lots of snow in the bowl. A beautiful hike. We started at 8am and finished at 6pm with breaks. Only made it to the bowl because the summit was too covered in snow. A total of 13 miles for us. I will definitely be back next summer to finish :)

2 months ago

When it says heavily trafficked, it means it. I spent almost as much time avoiding other hikers as actually hiking.

Beautiful hike and easy. So beautiful this time of year!