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one of the most beautiful trails

go out of your way to do this hike when it's not busy. the trail itself is incredible (probably one of the best in Utah valley) but there are so many inconsiderate punks that do graffiti, blare their music on the hike, relieve themselves near the trail, the list goes on.

It was difficult at parts but one of the most beautiful Trails I've ever been on. I would recommend this Trail to anyone. I would recommend that you at least make it to the saddle if nothing else.

There was a big buffalo at the top

Easy and relaxing. Busy the day I went, but still pleasant

Great hike and even better views! Worth the trip but expect to push it and break a sweat.

1 month ago

Did this hike September 28th and there was lots of snow in the bowl. A beautiful hike. We started at 8am and finished at 6pm with breaks. Only made it to the bowl because the summit was too covered in snow. A total of 13 miles for us. I will definitely be back next summer to finish :)

1 month ago

When it says heavily trafficked, it means it. I spent almost as much time avoiding other hikers as actually hiking.

Beautiful hike and easy. So beautiful this time of year!

Very nice hike. Not too hard for these rotten knees.

Fun, easy trail. Lots of families. The waterfall is beautiful and you can climb up to the top level.

This is a fantastic hike! Great views Had a great time. Ran across a mean mountain goat.

1 month ago

nice leisurely hike, nice view from falls.

Rated 5 stars by far. So amazing. There is so much to see and amazing views the whole way. Does not feel as long as it really is because it is so beautiful. I would highly recommend going all the way up to the summit. DO NOT STOP AT THE SADDLE. If you already go that far, you might as well go all the way and sign the registry and see everything you can. It is very windy towards the summit but there are nice places to sit near the saddle where the wind doesn't hit you. After reading other reviews, I think we got pretty lucky because there was only one other person up at the summit when we got there and we stayed for a good half hour. Also did not pass many people on the way up which was weird because it was a perfect day. We saw more people going up as we were coming down at night around 8pm. We started in the afternoon and the hike took us 8 and a half hours. We never ran and took lots of breaks. Fitbit says I burned 3067 calories which I will take.

Defiantly wasn't prepared for such a beautiful but long steep rocky hike. Definitely recommend for those who are up for a beautiful challenge.

Bring gloves in October. Perfectly still first 6 miles to the saddle, then 70 mph wind gusts!