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We did a long version of this hike, heading down Gibbs loop and up and then up the waterfall trail and back down the shorter way. It was a fun day, challenging while carrying our kids on our backs! The waterfall was mostly dried up but still pretty and the views were great, especially with the fall colors!

Beautiful in the fall!! A few different turns so it tough to stay on the correct path but used this app and we were good to go. The pond is very small so don't expect much. Most is pretty flat except the initial climb up to the trailhead. They will give you a map inside the lodge as well.

7 days ago

9 days ago

not to bad of a hike excellent view when u get to the top

This was my first hike since roaming the woods as a child in Mississippi. Waterfall was a great hike and good workout. Great scenery and relaxing sounds of water running down a stream near the trail and then the waterfall as you get closer. Great views of Ogden, Utah below as well.

11 days ago

Tried to hike it just to be turned away at a fence.
I used to love this hike. Sad it is now private property and if you don't have ID on you, you get turned away.

From 27th street TH to Malan's Peak is 2.4 miles one way. The trail is a 45 degree hike most of the way and there is a rocky ledge you need to scramble over for about 100 yards , there are 5 switch backs before coming out on top to Malan's peak . We continued on to Malians Basin a very easy hike down to a small bowl . There's a sign telling about the basin and if you look around you'll find an old steel steam engine pretty neat . 1.5 miles one way .
If your really feeling great continue on following the creek bed the trail is very hard to follow , watch for small stacks of rock and Pink plastic streamers to show you the way . Bushwacking 101!!!
The trail peters out and now your on your own to find your way up the 60 degree incline upward to Mt Ogden Peak . We ran out of day light .
Shorts are great for the hike to the basin but long pants are suggested from there up .
Rattle Snakes are still out Sept 30,2016

We hiked from the parking area at 27th street TH. Hiked to Malan's peak 2.4 miles one way this hike is 45 degree climb in most areas there are a few flat areas to hike but mostly a hard climb , in one part of the trail your scrambling over jagged rocks for 100 yards . One on top Malan's Peak is on the right side . There were many hikers hiking to the peak , we continued a very easy hike to Malan's Basin 1.5 miles one way. We did not see any one hiking this trail but us . Then because the trail shows to keep going on (AllTrails ) we bushwhacked it about 1.5 miles .
From the sign in the basin there are several fire pits areas . The start of the trail ( if you want to call it a trail ) starts next to the creek goes threw 2 camping areas and continues threw brush and bushes over dry river beds . Following the creek bed .
There are stacks of rocks to show were the trail continues and pink ribbons or streamers showing where to go.. We hiked up until the trail petered out about 2 miles below Mt Ogden Peak. We ran out of day light .
If your going to do this hike I would suggest starting 8:00 to 9:00 am .
We hiked another 1.5 miles bushwacking it .
From the sign in Malan's Basin up I would rate as Xtreme terrain very difficult .
Also Rattle Snakes are still out Sept 30,2016
Our total hike from the AllTrails AP showed we hiked a total of 12.4 miles out and back

Great trail for running!! Beautiful views and a lot of ups and downs to get you sweating!

Very beautiful hike work the huffing and puffing to get to the top. I went when there was a large group of tourists and they were eating lunch on the peak so couldn't get a good overlook of Ogden. I would definitely do it again and I would probably go backpacking next time

22 days ago

Haven't hiked it in about 7 years after hiking it all the time back then. Such a fun hike and amazing view. Moderate hike and steep at top to see the amazing view of Ogden.

25 days ago

Great trail and beautiful views

I love this trail. It is definitely a challenge but it's well worth it. I saw 1 person the entire time I was up there which gives me that, lone explorer vibe. The trail is a little hard to follow once you get all up in it but you can do it!

Great views, some elevation climbs and loose rocks but worth the effort. Weather was great in sept and a good cool breeze while hiking made for refreshing breaks.

Short, rocky hike. A little steep, so you still feel the burn. Rewards a plenty at the top, great views and an awesome waterfall.

Absolutely beautiful in the fall. It's 3.5 miles to reach the peak though, so 7 miles round trip from the parking lot on 29th Street.

This is a Hard hike for 2 miles then it turns to easy ..
From the parking lot of north Ogden divide heading up to the ridge line . The trail is very steep , lots of roots and rocks on the trail a few switch backs but mostly just a 45 degree hike up .
Arrived at the ridge line the trail goes up the Hogs back of a very long and steep mountain , the trail is In Great condition . (Note : from here on take the trails off to the side , they go around the steep mountain .)
Heading to the left towards Ogden on each cross section , Lewis peak is a bald mountain top .
Overlooking the Ogden valley below capturing an awesome view of Ben Lomond Peak and Willard Peak to the north .
You'v bagged a peak time to head back
Round trip 11 miles

Great little hike , pretty easy some scrambling , up and back 1 hour 20 minutes