One of my favorite hikes. It's very easy. It takes 20 minutes or less. The view is incredible and it also makes a nice night hike. It is very steep and I had a hard time hiking it the first time, but there are plenty of places to stop and rest along the way. Great for beginners or people with families!

Quick and easy hike close to the city. This is an old stand-by when we need to get above the smog.

Super easy hike, I would call it more of a walk up. The view of the city is awesome and especially beautiful at sunset. Typically a crowded spot.

Just finished this with the family and our 9 week old pup. All of us made it just fine. The views are pretty amazing! The hike itself is pretty easy and lots of kids and people were up there. Would do it again!

Great view of the SL Valley

Hike is sort of boring but the view at the top is unbeatable.

Great view from the top, connects to another trail right before summit. Pretty easy.

visted SLC for a conference & this hike had some amazing views. It was definately a challege because it's straight up but it was short so if you can, I recommend seeing this spot.

Awesome view and short hike. Would love to see it at sunset or sunrise!!

Such an amazing view for such a short hike! I wish I lived closer to Salt Lake, I would go all the time to watch the sunset.

Very short hike that is mostly uphill. Once you reach one of the many vistas you will be blessed with amazing views and few people. A nice quick hike not far from the city. Doable on a lunch break!

Short hike lots of people. You can see the city from the top.

This is one of those short hikes that's great for when you only have a short time but want to get in a great view. I love to take first time visitors to Salt Lake here at sunset because it's so convenient to get to and really gives a beautiful panorama of the city. Steep, but doable even for beginners.

Short hike with high elevation. Really close to the Avenues and great views. It's the perfect hike to do if you only have an hour or a short amount of time to get a good work out in.

If you are looking for a quick hike after work, this is perfect! It's a short, steep trail with wonderful views. Enjoy!