Short hike. It was pretty. I think the views all depend on the amount of clouds and how clear the sky is. I would go again on a more clear day.

This is a trail that is up hill the entire way. But when you get to the top, the views are worth it. There are little stone sections at the top in the shape of chairs you can sit on and enjoy the sunset. It is a very popular trail and lots of people enjoy this one. Lots of dogs, too. Definitely recommend!

Fun hike! Trailhead was a little hard to find, but anyone you pass by can tell you where it is. Great view! Check out the Red Butte and Mount Wire trail that extends from this one if you're looking for a longer hike after you make it to the living room!

It was just really hard. I took my 5 year old. Luckily she loved it. Me. Not so much. Lol.

I hiked this in the beginning of September. If you're looking for something a little challenging but doable I would recommend this one

I hiked it on October 1 around 8:00 pm and lost my mini Manfrotto tripod. But the hike was great.

Lots of differing trails that are unmarked, making it difficult to find the right path up to the view at the top. My pup pulled up me most of the way up :) There's some incline, which can be tough for new hikers. Great view overlooking Salt Lake City. Bonus if you can catch the sun setting on your way down.

Good hike. Very little shade. Try to go during the cooler parts of the day.

Tough when it's sunny. Overall a great hike.

Longer hike than I thought it would be, and, as a bigger guy, it kicked my ass. That said, it was an incredible, breathtaking view once you reach the top.