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Very steep but very gorgeous!

I thought this was a great hike. It's very steep. We took our dog and he had a great time. I wish we would have started this a couple hours earlier than we did. We could have made it a lot easier on ourselves if we had gone in the cool morning air.

Beautiful the whole way up, hard hike, but totally worth it!

7 days ago

Beautiful Canyon. I snowshoed this trail until just below Silver Glance Lake and the snow became almost waist deep. The area with all of the snow and mountain view was awesome

Great Hike challenging , fall colors were gorgeous and weather was beautiful, rated as one of my favorites now. I highly recommend it.

9 days ago

This hike is perfect for all beginners, one anyone who doesn't have time to do any of the upper level hikes. It took maybe an hour and 15 minutes to get up because we had a couple girls in the group who needed several rests, could easily do it under an hour. we started hiking around 5, got up there around 6:15, fished until 7:15, and started hiking back down at 7:30. If you don't mind hiking out at night I highly recommend it because by about 7pm we had the whole lake to ourselves and it was just beautiful. Most stunning lake if hiked to so far. The drive is a bit bumpy but I made it up in my little toyota echo just fine. I will definitely be doing this hike again.

This is such a good quick hike to the reservoir! I love catching the sunset up here overlooking the valley

Incredible. I hiked it in the evening and passed a couple people on the way there and back but had the lake all to myself. It was a little easier than I expected, but steeper towards the lake.

12 days ago

Oh my Jesus I loved this trail! Absolutely no complaints at all. The lake was amazing! We sat on the bank and watched the trout eat bugs on top of the water while we ate lunch!

Hiked this yesterday. Round trip it took me approx. 3 hours moving time. I enjoyed it very much. Perfect trail conditions. It gets steeper and steeper the closer you get to the top but it's not too steep:) Around 5 pm when I was heading down there were a ton of people on their way up to camp for the night. I highly recommend this hike:)

Enjoyed this one a lot! It was pretty strenuous the second half. My step tracker recorded 9.6 miles round trip. It took about 4 hours out and back for my sister and I. This is definitely the perfect time to tackle this hike. Bring a jacket and plenty of water!

16 days ago

The hike is 11 miles (round trip) per my Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch (5.5 miles one way). The advertised mileage on all trails of 9.9 is likely not correct.

16 days ago

Great work Out, totally worth it. Streams, forests and some climbing and rocks. Quite steep at the end but once you finally reach that lake.- Wow! one of the best doable hikes for me in Little/ Big Cottonwood

Steep climb the entire way but worth the climb.

September 10th, 2016 was an amazing day with cooler temperatures, no wind, and sunshine. I've never seen so many people out to make the ascent. We summited around 10 am after a 6 am start. Loved every minute!

18 days ago

Backpacked up to Red Pine Lake (Fri-Sat)! Awesome trail. First half of the trail is pretty chill, then gets a bit steep and rocky the second half.

Very rewarding destination, even when the lake is low. There are great dispersed camping spots all around the south and west side of the lake. Barely any traffic on Friday, tons on Saturday.

Only bummer is the campfire restriction. Will definitely return tho!

This is an amazing hike. It kicks your butt but it's amazing. The views are spectacular