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3 days ago

Just hiked up to Silver Lake on Saturday, Dec 3. Lots of snow, so snow shoes were a must. Thankfully some back country skiers knew the trail well (mostly) and had it tracked about an hour before I started. It was pretty deep snow in some places (up to my waist) and the snow shoes helped, but it was pretty strenuous. The views, even in the winter, are spectacular!!!

This was a good trail to get a bit of a workout. When I went in November, the reservoir was really low. Around the reservoir, there are a lot of offshoot trails and it's easy to get off the main trail but they eventually all come together. Great views of the mountains.

23 days ago

This is a great hike with some fantastic views! I did the hike 11/15/16, we have had an amazingly warm fall so there hasn't been any snow. The hike is well classified as moderate. It's not as steep as Lake Blanche but is certainly a good workout. The lake at the end is beautiful as is the lake at the beginning. The lake at the bottom of the trail head is currently being drained. The road up to the trail head is also undergoing a lot of construction. But you can still make it up. It's a $6 entrance fee at the ranger stop.

What a great hike. Not for the faint of heart. Thank you Maggie Cloud for going with me. Once you get above the lower falls there is some beautiful country to see.

beautiful hike. was difficult with the snow/ice you were hiking up. would love to do this in the summer

This one is great for someone who wants a good work out... Many rocks and boulders, but the scenery makes up for the technicality. Word of caution, there are many slick spots with the snow, ice and mud.

I know this route to Lone Peak is shorter than the Orson Smith/Cherry Canyon Logging Trail but it is not as satisfying. At times it is confusing when branches of trail suddenly break off. Portions of the trail are narrow with a v-shape deeply carved into the dirt. And lastly, the steepest sections offer a troublesome layer of ball-bearing pea gravel which makes ascent/descent difficult and almost dangerous. Once the Jacobs Ladder trail reaches Enniss Pass the worst part is behind you.

Great App to have for a quick place to hike

Beautiful hike. Completed in November but hope to check it out in the summer next time.

I love the variety on the trail. Rocky, wooded, exposed, dry, river crossings... it has it all.

A fantastic late fall hike to Silver and Glance Silver lakes. Trail to Glance is reasonably easy to follow beginning at east side of lake. Very steep but worth the effort encountered some snow on trail, but mostly clear to Glance. Saw cow and yearling moose on approach to Silver lake.

Beautiful quick hike, wouldn't recommend for younger children though. My older two (6 and 4) had a hard time getting up the steep trail and large rocks. I would save this for 8 and older.

Tough hike. Lightly trafficked.

1 month ago

Good trail for both summer and winter