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This hike was awesome, but it was really hard. Like really hard. Be prepared for climbing up rocks a good portion of it. And with the snow right now you have to be careful.

It was a very strenuous hike. It says moderate but it was hard and I am very athletic. It was really fun I took my dog with me but I wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it was. Great Lake though. This time of year it wasn't very petty but if I had gone before the leaves fell, it would probably be spectacular. Make sure your dog is on a leash though, there are some sketchy parts of the trail with big drop offs. Expect a lot of rocks it gets really steep.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail, lots of friendly hikers with friendly pets. Only down side of this trail was the construction noise from the work being performed at the lake and roads

Awesome hike, didn't have time to complete the whole trail but scenery was amazing. After just moving here from Texas 2 weeks ago this is the hardest trail I've been on yet.

Beautiful this time of year!

just did this hike today. it was my third hike in three days and by far my favorite. I look forward to doing it again soon, but next time I'm bringing my fishing pole.

9 days ago

Beautiful hike!

9 days ago

It was as many said before me a difficult hike! The decent was more challenging than the ascent in my opinion.

One of the funner hikes up little cottonwood. Good length, well marked trails and pretty

Hard. Awesome views and lake is great. Lot's of climbing. Water and snacks help moral.

Give yourself time to do complete trail.Boulder fields are tough,when you lose sight of trail follow cairns.

11 days ago

It was a beautiful day to be on the trails.

Perfect day. The aspens were beautiful and the weather perfect. Great hike, consistently uphill but not too difficult.

13 days ago

I camped in the valley. It was beautiful but SOME people kept blasting annoying rap/techno music on their radios while driving off road. Rap music and nature are never to be combined

The views are especially beautiful right now because of the fall colors. The view looking down the canyon into the Salt Lake Valley is as beautiful as any where on earth! We saw a bull and cow moose next to the trail.
Perfect temperature. Perfect day!