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My Wife, Brother in law, Sister in Law and I climbed this with full packs to stay for 2 nights. We brought enough to stay for a week and that was a big mistake:) It took everything in us to make it to the top with all the weight, but the payoff was worth it. This was the most beautiful camping experience I have ever had. The view was gorgeous. While we were up there life flight had to fly overhead for about an hour in the dark to try and find a hiker who had gotten lost trying to traverse the cliffs around the area. That was intense and they didn't find the person til morning and they unfortunately had to take his body off the side of the cliffs. Don't hike alone please! Other than that it was an amazing trip. This hike was hard!

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september 2015:
The hike up to red pine lake was something spectacular.
​The pictures that i was able to take, although beautiful, do not even compare to the real thing. with the leaves changing and the clouds rolling in there really is nothing else like it. and i was thrilled to see the small amount of snow that stretched itself over the lake and bit of mountain side.
If you ever are lucky enough to visit the mountains in September keep an eye out for chipmunks collecting food for the winter, they are gracefully fast little guys and fun to watch. And the White squirrel whom lives up at the lake!

If hiking in the winter I recommend yaktrax if you want to make it to the falls
last summer :
Bell Canyon Trail has been my go to trail for the last few years! Both trail heads are very easy to find although I do tend to use the Bell Canyon Granite Trail Head the most, lactated at the beginning of Little Cottonwood Canyon on 9600 south. The other trail head is called Boulders Trail Head located on Wasatch Blvd just south of Bell canyon Granite Trail Head.
It took me roughly 20 minutes to hike to the lower reservoir witch was surrounded by thick green foliage giving the water a cool reflection of greens and blues. The parking lot was not completely full but there was still quit a lot of people enjoying the Water and the many look out points overlooking the reservoir and also, all of, salt lake valley.
As you fallow a wide trail around the north side of the reservoir you will come across a smaller trail that branches of slightly to the left, there will be a sign that states "Bell Canyon Trail" Fallow that marker Two miles up and you will reach the First waterfall! The last half mile before reaching the falls is steep remember to bring water and to have had a good meal prior to hiking :) Fueling your body right is key to making it to the falls as a happy hiker.
It took me an hour to hike up but I hear that it can take around two hours to reach the falls for some. It took thirty minutes to hike back to the first reservoir with running the first twenty minutes. It made for a nice run for an experienced trail runner.
I spotted dear, squirrels, rabbits, a small dark colored snake and heard a rattle warning a few feet off the trail.

Fun, long, and scary scrambling at the end..this comes from and experienced climber and hiker. Only do the last 1/4 mile if you feel truly comfortable with cliffs and scrambling

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Great place to hike year round! This podcast sums it up pretty well: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/snowshoeing-snow-friendly/id1142336821?i=1000379208229&mt=2

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Just hiked up to Silver Lake on Saturday, Dec 3. Lots of snow, so snow shoes were a must. Thankfully some back country skiers knew the trail well (mostly) and had it tracked about an hour before I started. It was pretty deep snow in some places (up to my waist) and the snow shoes helped, but it was pretty strenuous. The views, even in the winter, are spectacular!!!

This was a good trail to get a bit of a workout. When I went in November, the reservoir was really low. Around the reservoir, there are a lot of offshoot trails and it's easy to get off the main trail but they eventually all come together. Great views of the mountains.

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This is a great hike with some fantastic views! I did the hike 11/15/16, we have had an amazingly warm fall so there hasn't been any snow. The hike is well classified as moderate. It's not as steep as Lake Blanche but is certainly a good workout. The lake at the end is beautiful as is the lake at the beginning. The lake at the bottom of the trail head is currently being drained. The road up to the trail head is also undergoing a lot of construction. But you can still make it up. It's a $6 entrance fee at the ranger stop.